Thoughts about the online competition (Xbox)

Hi guys,
Just want to share my online experience so far in AE. I am certainly enjoying the game tremendously since its out and the challenge to me is just incredible! Of course there are times that it can lag a bit during peak hours like after 5pm to 10pm but after that the gameplay is really acceptable on my 50mb/5mb cable line. The thing that really impress me is that at least on xbox the people playing ranked are all giving me a run for my money. They play footsies, they read, they OS, they link combos… I am getting totally bodied sometimes! I was playing Gen for like 2 years now and just before AE released I’m at the stage where I can hold my own in rank B and slowly crawling up to B+. But man, I am facing relegation to C+ as I’m typing this. The competition is really that tough. You really don’t see indiscriminate mashing anymore. Even if the opponent mash a reversal they know when to mash when it is most effective. That said, I can recognize some players that I don’t think is that good that is ranked top 20 according to BP. To me its not a reflection of the flaws of BP but rather the fact that perhaps there are now less regular SF4 players compared to vanilla times. It looks like AE has matured and selected out players that are dedicated to the game and offering great online play.
What are your thoughts on this matter? BTW I can only say this for xbox only as I do not own PS3 or PC version of SF4.


I’ll be honest, XBL has really leveled up. But PSN is still in the dirt. I’ve been playing nothing but PS3 lately since thats what Evo’s on to get used to it but man people suck on PSN. And its almost always pretty laggy, I’ve been playing on PSN for about a week now and I’m already ranked under 700, or was, I think I lost some messing around with Oni, and I’m around 30th ranked Gen when I never touched AE on PSN til a week ago. I’ve fought honestly maybe 2 or 3 players that were legit and weren’t just playing like idiots. There’s a guy on there that has around 3000 PP and all he does is jump back with Oni and mash random SRK’s or just any random move when he see’s you move towards him. And he’s laggy so even I have a hard time against him sometimes… It’s a joke…