Thoughts against Urien

I was never an expert with Alex, but I can do like 90% of everything he can do. The only thing I can’t do is charge partition with him.
Alex is my main, and I’m pretty decent and solid.

I played suleman and Cruise for a ton of matches this week.

When I didn’t rushdown mindlessly, I did ok against suleman.
Against Cruise, he charge partions like mad, so he pretty much owned me all night.

Urien’s dash xx LP Headbutt pretty much beats all of Alex’s safe pokes to keep him away.

Any tips on fighting high level Urien players?

I talked to KSK at EVO2k5, he said that Urien vs Alex is 6/4 for Urien. I do believe that.

c.lp would stop his dash if you catch it, also knock him out of a headbutt if it’s a good enough distance. if not he’ll probably just go over you. is a great poke, and even if he parries it, if you used it at a good range all he can do is sweep you at best.

urien can’t punish your stomps on block, but you will get sonned if he parries it.

air to air with as always.

i think urien players are always hungry to anti air parry, so doing moves very early or late works good. i prefer early since he’s tall.

i really like back+hp against urien too.

but yeah, just mix it up like you would any other character keeping in mind he has a reversal headbutt

no its not, its aerial instantly, you can use it as a reversal to escape unblockables, MP and HP are grounded tho

I’m pretty sure MP and HP headbutts are also aerial instantly.

Standing MP shuts this the fuck up.

I’m pretty sure only the LP version of urien’s headbutt is aerial on start up. Henaki’s right about MP and HP being grounded at startup but i’d also like to mention that urien’s EX headbutt is grounded at startup, although dangerous you can even back-HP him out of it if you time it right. Same for if he tries wake up EX aegis too.

lol i fucking wish

FUCKING AWESOME AV, DUDE. Mad props! :tup:

I’d like to make a semi-retraction to my previous post. After further testing in the 3s labs and in real matches i discovered that despite urien’s jab headbutt being instant aerial… alex can still meaty headbutt him out of it on wakeup!

So, let’s see what alex’s headbutt beats on urien’s wakeup if you time the meaty right. Jab headbutt, strong headbutt, fierce headbutt, EX headbutt, parry, throw, and EX aegis. Also a blocked and ducked alex headbutt from the corner is relatively safe. So basically it completely fucks up urien’s wakeup game. :looney:

Also, thanks Sanchez!

I can’t see how do you guys can determine that LP headbutt is aerial instantly and the others aren’t. MP/HP headbutt can also be used to escape unblockables…

you can be thrown out of the startup of them, doing a reversal MP/HP headbutt will keep you grounded during a meaty.

so does this mean Urien doesn’t have a stand up frame like chun li?

I see, I was getting confused by what you meant by being “instantly aerial” so I did a bit more testing. I thought you just meant he was “airborne” and would pop out of combos, but now I see there’s more to it than that.

If Chun does meaty cr MK>SA2:

LP Headbutt = Urien doesn’t get hit by cr MK at all
MP/HP Headbutt = Urien gets hit by cr MK but the first wave of kicks whiffs while he’s in the air

Against high/mid meaties however it seems LP/MP/HP headbutt makes no difference.

So basically, reserval LP Headbutt can completely hop over low meaties while MP/HP Headbutt cannot. Interesting.

I’ll stop now since this is an Alex thread. :wgrin:

By the way kaikillah, Urien does have a stand up frame, he’s not like Chun.

Sorry to drag this out, but you’re mistaken. A properly timed meaty by Chun will hit Urien if he does reversal lp headbutt on wakeup. He’ll get hit and flip out, just like mp and hp headbutt. I just tested it in training mode. You must have mistimed your by a little.

What you said earlier is correct. I was indeed able to mp and hp headbutt out of a legit midscreen unblockable. Also, using some fat meaties I tried to stuff Uriens headbutts on wakeup. Surprisingly, reversal mp and hp headbutts registered as OTG. This isnt conclusive since one could make the argument that my meaty timings were off. But, I did my best to measure each meaty and repeated for several trials. You guys can test for yourselves. OTG properties and yet Alex can still grab him out of all reversal headbutts with a meaty b.HP. This is bizarre stuff if u think about it. Should go in a new Urien thread.

Yeah, that’s what I thought! In my mind I always considered MP/HP headbutt OTG just like the LP version. I don’t think your timing was off because I always got the same results as you in the past, which is why I was getting confused by the idea of LP heabutt having different properties.

You’re right, my meaty timing was probably off when I tested it today, and what it does show is that MP/HP headbutts are “hittable” by a crouching move for a slightly longer period of time than LP headbutt.

But it is indeed bizarre that Alex is able to back HP Urien out of any of his headbutts… That’s a good thing to know. :woot:

isnt back HP just an unparriable move, thats probably why.

edit: seriously the urien forum is so barren of actually useful urien information lol we should go thinktank this shit back there.

some do. try it out saisyu.


you have the two charge moves readily available like that? I mean I throw out ex elbow slashes too hoping to beat out a whiffed poke, but I don’t think too many uriens are going to use any attack that leaves them open long enough for me to use them. EX slashh elbow might not take as long but is pretty obvious to a urien at full screen charging meter with strong. The Headstomp would be waaaaaaay to easy to react to though. Then again, we play two different uriens.

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