Thoughts: Did Balrog (M.Bison) ever meet Dudley?

I’m sure they knew of each other. There is no data that they met each other, so I don’t think they fought. But in order for Balrog (M. Bison) to of become World Boxing Champion at one time, Dudley must of been on the list of aspiring boxers. In addition, Balrog did exist during the SF3 timeline, because he fought Alex in a UFC Vale Tudo type tournament, and lost to him.

Personally, I’d really love to see this fight, although it has never happened, and probably never will. Balrog would beat the crap outta Dudley.

Where’d the info about Balrog having fought Alex come from?

I second that question…

I remember seeing a Japanese arcade flyer somewhere on the net that showed a pic of Alex standing victorious over a defeated Balrog. I dunno what the text said though, as I don’t know Japanese. ^_^;

Tiamat has something about it in the latest version of the plotguide though, if I recall correctly.

What the fuck is with Balrog loosing all his matches I can’t think of one match where he has won.

Balrog won the match of Balrog vs. Elephant. That’s all I can think of at the moment. They never said the final outcome of his match vs Alex (at the end of the flyer, each had won a round).

You should update your FAQ then, because it says that Alex won.

To quote from the version of you faq I’m getting from Gamefaqs:

“The event that Alex and Balrog/Bison (boxer) fought in shown in an arcade flier for SF3 New Generation is called the Vale Tudo Eternal Fighting (B.E.F). Balrog appeared in it 2 years ago and became the champ both times. In this year’s tournament, Balrog beat Rike Bernardo, Camo Riapardo and Kimaro (doubt it’s the same as Slammaster’s Kimaro) to advance to the finals. Alex beat Jerald Golby in the semi-finals. The first round against Alex, Bison completely dominated the fight. 1 min 20 seconds into
the second round, Bison landed 23 solid heavy punches into Alex. But Alex countered with his own combo and KO’ed Bison. See for the flyers.”

The picture is here:

It seems, at least what I’m getting from the picture, Alex KOed Balrog.

Forgot to clarify that I don’t know how Vale Todo tournaments go (IE, if they’re like Fighting Games in where it’s best two out of three knockouts, or if it’s like boxing where it’s just for the first knockout). Hmm… there was a topic started on that in the storyline thread but it came up with conflicting info.

A while ago I bought a few of Capcom’s secret files and one of the had a newspaperlike page (i guess that’s what you meant with flyer) and it showed the pic you mentioned. Are Secret Files official? Most of the content is nonsence and fun anyway.

hmmmm will Balrog (M.Bison) bite Dudley’s ear off?

possibilities… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the link. First time seeing that pic. Any chance this is in Eternal Challenge or even Early Days?

It looks gorgeous! Better than the other SF3:NG stuff…

Are there more Secret Files with exclusive illustrations like that?

Kimala from the Muscle Bomber series participated in that tournament as well. He lost, unfortunately. I don’t think they said who he lost to.

Yes and they are great, some can be found at the Arcade Flyer archive and some are in the Capcom Design Works book but it’s better to get the originals. There are secret files of a lof of games. SFIII, Rival Schools, X-Men vs SF, Darkstalkers, Pocket Fighter, MarvelSH vs SF, …

Someone else got any? We could make a list of all of them, they have numbers and there are at least 16 different ones. I couldn’t find a list anywhere yet. They are all some kind of joke or have a special style. For example one with Rainbow Mika (SFZ3) looks like a wrestling magazine, the Rival Schools one is like a school book and the SFEX1 one is like a GIJoe figure of Skullomania (that is probably the most well known one).

Why do you think so??? I am not a boxing expert or something, but I know some shit!!! Look at Bison he is some strait forward brainless boxing machine, he is not very variable at his tactics and everything. And now look at Dudley… With same power as Bison (look at his hands, and his back) he also posses a lot of mobility plus dodging and lot of good moves. Fast uppercuts, side stepping hooks, and British boxing school was always more deep than American. To me Dudley resembles Muhammad Ali - big power, a lot of movement and dodges, and grate tactical knowledge. Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee


Balrog can Kill a elephant with his bare hands.

Balrog vs. Dudley’s

Here’s some Fight Night 2004 stats I made up for Balrog and Dudely


Power: 100

Speed: 95

Agility: 90

Stamina: 90

Chin: 90

Body: 90

Heart: 86

Cuts: 85


Power: 94

Speed: 100

Agility: 95

Stamina: 90

Chin: 90

Body: 86

Heart: 80

Cuts: 85.

First off, arbitrary stats that YOU MADE UP are meaningless.

Second off, if you pay attention to the storyline, you could deduce that Balrog is at least a decent fighter. Consider:

  • If he weren’t any good, he wouldn’t have been famous (any fingers pointing to Anna Kournikova as a counter-example will be broken off…)

  • If he weren’t any good, do you think Bison (Vega) would even care that he exists?

  • Following that logic, he’s better than Birdie at least. Bison seeks Balrog out for Shadowlaw, but Birdie has to “audition”

  • Just because Balrog plays slow and awkward doesn’t mean that he IS. I don’t doubt that Balrog has hands that are at least as fast as Dudley’s, he just favors more of a power style of fighting.

  • Balrog is a heavyweight, Dudley is probably a middleweight. Look at 'em.

Personally, I think that this fight could go either way. It all depends on who plays who’s game and who plays the other guy’s game better. If Balrog can use his punching power and hammer Dudley, Dudley’s dead. If Dudley can use his speed to pick Balrog apart, then Balrog’s finished.

However, it would take more hits from Dudley to K.O. Balrog than vice versa.

did balrog & dudley meet?

gbg No they did not meet each other it’s to different timelines,right now balrog would probably be in his 50’s-60’s.

did balrog & dudley meet?

Um…no. Balrog was born in the late 60’s or something. He’d be in his mid-30’s right now.


Power: 97
Speed: 88
Agility: 80
Stamina: 92
Chin: 77
Body: 90
Heart: 85

Ps: I did not make these stats I just copying them from this web site.

here’s Muhammad Ali’s stats for Fight Night 2004

Power: 90
Speed: 100
Agility: 100
Stamina: 94
Chin: 75
Body: 85
Heart: 94
Cuts: 75

Dudley looks like he might be a light heavy weight.


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If they did, I hope Balrog would smack the smug off Dudley’s mug.