Thoughts for those who own a PS3


Since my b-day is tomorrow, I’m debating whether I see myself put down the $600 on a PS3, as much as I like playing VF5 and Tekken 5 DR. Reason why I say this, is because of all the things I’ve been hearing as far as bugs are concerned (and I really hate to put the extra money down for an extended warranty). Also I wonder if there is something really wrong with the system considering I’m seeing lots and lots of PS3s in the stores lately.


Honestly there is nothing wrong with PS3s… just some ppl don’t wanna shell out $600 for it…

I love mine, and all I play on it is VF5/T5DR… lol.


well I had a first gen PSP and it just crapped out on me after 18 months. So I’m hesitant.


Get a PS3. Mine still works, but my 360 got the red lights and no longer works. Haven’t heard of ANY complaints about PS3 problems and VF5/DR are pretty fun. There’s also resistance and motorstorm.


Yea, I also own a PS3. Never had a problem with it since purchase (about 3 months ago) I’m a big fan of motorstorm and resistance :tup: and I’m really looking forward to LittleBigPlanet… looks fun :rofl:


I wonder how is Microsoft addressing the red lights issue, because that is ridiculous.


I have both 360 and ps3, and so far the 360 has crapped out twice. stupid red ring of death… both systems have their strong point. 360 strong point is the outstanding live service. ps3 at the moment is power and blu ray. I love my blu ray movies. 360 plus all the add-ons cost the same as ps3 alone.

ps3 is awesome in my opionion. Get it if your willing to shell out that type of cash. Worth it in my opinion… especially when the end of the year comes.


2 of my friends just got the ps3 and they both love it. The questions is, do you have a HDTV capable of 1080p and/or have a hdmi slot on your tv? That would be the only reason to buy it honestly. I know all the games out only support 720p but the blueray player alone is worth the 6 bills.

Couple things i hate about the ps3.
First, the fucking controller sucks fucking ass. It’s so light it feels fake and no feedback? WTF.
Second, you can’t use your old ps2 dualshocks on this nor the wireless logitechs (correct me if i’m wrong if there is something out there that’s available to do this.)
Finally, the biggest issue is the loading time. I thought it was weird when i’m sitting there for 2 fucking minutes waiting for motostorm to load. I read about this and the blueray player is like a 4x speed or something low like that.

My opinion - if you have a 1080p tv, buy that shit now and maybe for the low firmware for modding… i don’t know. If not, i say wait. Tekken DR is beautiful and only at 500 megs!

edit - fuck me, just read your post again lol. I don’t think there’s any problems with it. It’s quiet as hell too.


1080i/720p HDTV with HDMI works just fine.

There are games that support 1080p already, Virtua Tennis 3, Virtua Fighter 5, T5DR, GTHD Concept (free demos but eh who cares) etc…

Yes the Sixaxis has no rumble, who cares, but if you really want rumble back wait for the new Sixaxis (Sixshock?) that is coming out in the near future that will incorporate Immersion’s new Haptic (or real tactile feedback or whatever it’s called) force feedback technology. Which apparently is 10 times more powerful or smarter than the PS2’s or Xbox 360’s. This is all because Sony already settled with Immersion, and hopefully PS2 BC’s Sixaxis-only issue gets fixed because of this. :wink:

Most games offer harddrive install (VF5, Oblivion, RR7, etc.) so loading times isn’t a problem, well except for MotorStorm anyway.

The PS3 is already moddable due to the fact Sony allows you to use Linux on the PS3 right from the get go and if you don’t update the FW, the PS3’s OS is really gimped. The people that have other “modding ideas” just want to have an iso loader working so they can just pirate games. =P

Unlike the PSP, PS3 can have homebrew already without the piracy.

Bluray disc speed talk again, sigh, you guys do know that Bluray transfers higher capacity data than DVD right?

And you can use PS1/PS2 pads, sticks, logitech wheels, usb keyboards, mice, bluetooth gadgets and etc. on the PS3.

I love my PS3. =)

And yes I too am part of the three red ring 360 club. But I recently got my 360 back from MS and it works fine again. =|

To the thread starter, MS dealt with the three red rings of doom by extending the 360 warranty from its original 90 days or so to one year.

EDIT: Oh right, join the SRK PS3 Folding@Home team, the number is 61832. =)


I got my PS3 the day it was released in EU, 23rd of March. I can’t really comment on it’s stability etc., but if you use your common sense, you will most likely not witness any problems.
I am very happy with my PS3 - VF5 and T5DR is all a 3d fighting gamer, can ask for at the moment =)


Get a PS3. I bought my console last friday and I haven’t had any problems yet. It’s super quit and it looks beatiful. It’s definitely 600$ worth.

Too bad Tekken DR is currently not available in germany, but Motorstorm is hella awesome :smiley:


What is this thing about blueray transfering higher capacity? Can you explain that? I also didn’t know games install on the HD. That’s pretty cool. How do you use ps2 pads anyway? Getting the generic ps2 - pc adaptor?

BTW - IIRC Virtua Fighter didn’t have online play. WTF is up that. Every 360 game would have online in it guarantee. I’m not a 360 fanboy, i actually have neither. I’m just saying it’s not worth 6 bills when a lot of the exclusives from before are going to 360 anyway.


[quote=“Kyoji, post:9, topic:22972”]

1080i/720p HDTV with HDMI works just fine.


Oh now that you mention it, I have a question if anybody can help me out please. Lets say I get a PS3 and I have an LCD HDTV that is HDMI and component ready. What’s the better hook up option? I mean, I would think it’s HDMI but I’m interested to know if there are some advantages of component over HDMI, if that’s not the case then I guess it would be HDMI. My doubts were initially fueled because I remember reading somewere on the net that people using HDMI on their PS3 got some issues, one person said that whenever he was playing a game and there was going to be a change in image (within a game) the screen of his TV would turn blue por a split second (like if the source is out of signal)…some people responded to that guy telling him it was the TV upconverting resolution or something like that.

With all said, I would like to know how much truth is there to that kind of situation and what’s better to get for a ps3, HDMI or component? thanks in advance


It’s ok, I haven’t had anyproblems with mine. Although it kinda just sits there collecting dust and taking up space.


I like my PS3 a lot now. When first got it, I rarely used it, but now with T5 and VF5 I play it a lot more. I really need to get around to hacking a sixaxis.


If you get either of them,bite the bullet and buy the replacement warranties through Best Buy or Circuit City…I’ve sent so many 360s in for repairs through my store it’s almost sickening, and every Capcom game I’ve bought seems to require a new 360 system to play it. Microsoft’s prompt about sending replacements, but the mail-in-a-360 cycle can become sheer hell.

I almost cracked on getting a PS3 for VF5, but the trend continues, Sony loses the exclusive and here it comes for 360. Oh look Devil may Cry 4’s coming out now too.


I own a ps3 myself and its a brilliant piece of work and i also have the TV to handle it. Most of my friends agree that its better than the xbox360 but eh. I prefer the xbox 360 for online play. It also depends what ur lookin 4. if u want good online play then go for xbox 360 if u want everything else then ps3 is the best ur gonna get. If u have the cash, buy it!


Spoonman, go with the hdmi. you won’t notice much difference, but in my opionion is still better.


Ill stick with my Xbox 360 for now. Nothing about the ps3 is interesting to me at all. Currently the 360 has the games (not fighting games though, im talking on a casual gamers level).

I bet some day i might get a ps3, but for now, my 360 rocks.


Get a PS3
Get T5DR
Get VF5
Love it :lovin: