Thoughts/Ideas in the shower?


Most of my creative thoughts and ideas come to me when I’m in the shower, from movie plots, song lyrics, new inventions, to just random epiphany moments. It usually wears off once I’m out.

If you experience this heightened sense of thinking in the shower, share what you think about… :smiley:


I just revel in my overall awesomeness…I am the omnipotent being of all things that sets the course of the universe from now into infinity at infinite velocity.

I look at my incredible ability to control the flow of water, and effectively nature itself, which is merely a microsystem that I control at the whiff of a thought, or by merely glancing at it. I am the unified source of consciousness, I need not think of my assurance of existence. The present is now, and I exist in my fullest form and truest capability. Worldly perception is beneath me, for I am the center of gravity and the enabler of all that is know to mankind at present, in the past, and in the future. There is no good or evil, no black or white. There is only cause and effect, and they answer to me alone…


It’s because your brain is in a relaxed state and more blood is pumping into it. Same thing happens when you’re about to fall asleep.


Can’t think with all the fappin going on


This, and the following:

Attempts/ideas for comedy skits
Comebacks I should have said in a previous argument
Imagining future scenarios
That last anime episode I watched
Whether I closed the porn tabs on my computer tab and cleared the history before I got in the shower
Whether I locked the apartment door before I got in the shower

And last but not least…


Wondering why you want to know what we think about the shower.


This sums it up…



Looks down Solid Snake

Looks down during shower Liquid Snake

Farts [details=Spoiler]Gaseous Snake[/details]


takes a dump in the morning…looks down Heh…Shit Snake




Damn, @SNAAAAKE can’t roll cancel that.


I find most of my good stuff comes about when I have had a few beers. I wish thinking in the shower gave me the thinking power to figure out what I want to do in life.


SHOWER BEER!!! :tup:


i figured out the true identity of jack the ripper…

and i made a philosophy idealism theory on how a avatar form the last airbender or legend of korra could by the use of all four element could create life…

i am thinking about getting a camera crew in my batthromm next time a shower… i can have a special guest star every now and then…


Does the SNAAAAKE’s mom thread still exist? I couldn’t find it.


I know who my first guest star will be… Patrick Bateman… Aka Christian bale…


I blast the music from the Water Temple in OoT.

…maybe that’s why I take such long showers and have trouble finding my way out.




Never mind.


If I’m to be completely honest, I sometimes sexually fantasize about getting peed on from the shower head.




You know they arresting MFs over thoughts right