Thoughts of Evolution & Highlights

IMO is was a dope ass event everyone i met was cool esp ec… they were are some dope ass ppl esp X, Da law, and a lot more peeps
daigo is fucking beast in every game
only thing i didn’t like was marvel results
i wanted to see row vs. justin
good shit to the cannons… best tourney prolly ever

yeah and t.f.g.m. is hella cool, different than his posts…lol
other ppl post cool shit and highlights

im outi

ps. Soo is the fucking truth

Rowtron would have raped wong for sure. Y was wong so scared of Rowtron?

highlight of day 1: daigo’s first ggxx match. beast!

highlight of day 2: dr. b almost beating daigo in cvs. and the wc/ec 5on5

highlight of day 3: iono. it was kinda’ uninteresting.

rowtron would not have raped wong. Ricky’s runaway storm is nothing compared to wongs.

the best chance wc had was Soo. Unfortunately he did not make it to the finals and that kinda bites. This year’s final was pretty lame.

In addition to the usual anti-climactic vibe that everybody seems to feel in the days immediately post-Evo, a lot of people are expressing disappointment at the Marvel finals…

Ricky made it there; a number of other people that were expected to didn’t…

Are people trying to say Ricky was lucky? Or didn’t deserve to be there somehow? Or what?

What’s the deal? What gives? :confused:

i had left EVO right after ttt finals, but wasn’t daigo v ricky in 3s pretty exciting?
i hear it was pretty close and there was some controversial stuff to it

My thoughts to everyone outside of so cal i met:

Gandido: Nice meeting you. Sorry we couldn’t get that mirror match in. But next time remember to take your vanilla pepsi out of my car with you.

Mixup and Blaziniflo: Mike, don’t worry about not qualifying. You accomplished what you came here to do. You showed everyone you weren’t all hype and tore shit up. Justin, you’re cool as hell. Have a safe trip back both of you guys.

MadBooFace: Great to see you again Marc. You got a lot better. Keep up the ownage while you’re in Chicago.

TS: Good shit with Ryu. Glad we got a chance to play

VegitaX: your Rogue is a fucking beast. Keep it up

X: see you on IRC. Keep beasting.

Liston: Great seeing you again. Take care.

Team AZ: Since you guys are always coming back, i know I’ll see you guys again.

i know there are more, but i’m tired. so goodbye everyone. see you all next year.

And about the Marvel finals: You know Justin doesn’t have to try to beat Ricky. Hell, Ricky has also been known to throw matches to his friends before (Including Justin). It’s not fun to watch when you know who’s going to win and you have reason to believe one or more of the players isn’t even giving it his all.

Yea, super dope time. I was very very suprised at how cool the EC crew was. I was expecting a buncha black scrubs, but after meeting all of you, I can’t think of one uncool person on the EC. Except wong.

X is one dope nigga.
Mike is one dope cracka. The last great white hope.
blazinflorida is atlas and also a dope person.
ceasar es muy bueno XD chupa mi bicho mielda aslfj lasdfjsladfj

everyone else I usually hang out with, you’re all dope niggaz.

I SERIOUSLY hope they get some of my shit that I did on camera. I’m bringing my own shit next time.

good shit everyone.


Top overall finishers:

1.) Daigo “The BEAST” Umehara (of Japan)

  • Un-contestable “GOD OF SF,” with 4 games entered, and two 1st place (ST, GGXX), and two 2nd place (3S, CvS2) finishes, he truly is A BEAST! If anyone doubted he would place this well, or that anyone else would do better, then you don’t know SF.

2.) Tie Ino (of Japan)/Ryan Hart (of Europe)

  • Ino: Won CvS2 (1st) and placed very well in 3S (4th). Truly one of Japan’s best.

  • Ryan: With very strong finishes in TTT (2nd) and VF4 (3rd), he showed that Europe is not to be messed with.

4.) Tie Mago (of Japan)/Justin Wong (New York, USA)

  • Mago: Did well in CvS2 (3rd) and GGXX (4th), good all around performance.

  • JustinW: Proved he isn’t only good at MvC2. Took home the gold in MvC2 (1st, duh) and did well in CvS2 (5th).

6.) Ohnuki (of Japan)

  • Ones of Japan’s best all around players, and he proves it. With a very high placing in ST (2nd), and top 8 finishes in VF4 (tie for 5th) and 3S (tie for 7th), he proves he is a fighting game genius.

7.) Ricky “Hel-O Kit-E” Ortiz (“No one’s sure anymore”)

  • He will go down in history as one of the US’s best all around players. Finished very high in MvC2 (2nd), and had a top 8 finish in 3S (tie for 5th). Both finishes are contraversial, but whatever, all is said and done. Big surpirse he didn’t make it into CvS2 Final 8.

And I’m assuming his debt is not paid…?

8.) Jason “Dirty” Cole (Northern California)

  • Made top 8 finishes in 2 games, ST (tie for 5th) and CvS2 (tie for 7th). Was expected to do better in ST, but eliminated Ricky Ortiz, who was expected to make be one of America’s reps in CvS2 Top 8. Was upset, and pulled an upset, so I guess everything equals out.

Jus’ my $.02.

  • Geronimo

Overall Evolution 2003 was pretty good. I really liked the atmosphere and the people. The crowd made the finals very entertaining and interesting. The people were really nice and offered help to almost anyone. Yeah, I really had a good time. Now i am kind of sad because i am back home, back to reality…Damn it

oh yeah, one guy I really have to thank is Scott Wong. Thanks for the advice bro. It’s not every day someone gives me some strats that i can use in all my matches.

the best shit was the candy game in the arcade lol. dang me and dc static owned that machine and that tall black guy owned it too, whoever he was lol. shit was banannas how the the candy mashed out of the claw. shit was too fun lol.

o yeah some other dope peeps were:
Mixup, Blazinflo? Wigfall/ EC ppl/ seattle and that crazy nikka psianyd/justin
yeah row is a fucking monster btw

yo pizzle, did we win the team tourney?

One thing worth mentioning was the intro for the MvC2 5 on 5. Pretty damn funny.

Haha, the intro to the 5on5 was awesome!
It hella hyped up the crowd for the exhibition.
Was vegitaX the guy using a team like rogue/colossus/ken?
I remember seeing someguy with that team playing at the arcade and it was pretty nice isht…
I liked watching him play and I don’t know isht about marvel.

yeah a black guy was using Hulk/Colossus/Thanos. I saw him play like 5 times at the arcade. He didnt exactly win all his games but it was interesting to see him go against top tier characters.

Rogue | Colossus | Ken user was probably VDO, from Detroit.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

cool meeting everyone. desmond is funny…INO is a fucking monster

clearly the best part was the intro song for J. Wigfall.

B A N K dolla sign!
i been hot since freddy krueguh last hit.