Thoughts on 2V2 matchups and partnering


Competitive Brawl just needs to use 1.1 damage ratio to be more fun

I seriously honestly don’t know anything about Brawl teams strategies.


why is bowser at the bottom? That’s my go-to character from 2v2 and I would at least put him above ice climbers who can be at a bigger disadvantage when it’s 2v1.


Depends if friendly fire is on or off. If on, then the tier list above will work out. If not, then you can got what ever you want and you can make it work. Teams that I’ve seen work are Link/Ike (not sure why, but it’s a good team), and power/speed teams (Pikachu/Ike and Bowser/Diddy work really well). There are a lot more strategies and tactics you can do without friendly fire so try them out. Try to have at least one character will reliable K.O.s. As long as one character has a good way to K.O, you’ll be fine.

(Aside: Why is Ganondorf so low on that list. Thought he was good in teams).


Friendly fire off in teams would turn into a spam fest. Imagine Falco in the back ground spamming lasers all the time while an aggressor hits their opponents. They’ll be trapped in hitstun from Falco’s lasers and they’ll get comboed and killed from the other opponent. Friendly fire prevents the game from turning into a contest of broken strategies.

Of course teams need balance. A team without anyone with much kill power wouldn’t get any kills. A team without an aggressor wouldn’t be able to rack up damage fast enough to get kills. And of course imbalance would ruin a team. 2 aggressors teaming would trip over each other and ruin synergy.

Ganondorf is bad in teams because he’s just bad. Shure he’s a little bit better in teams, it’s just that he’s really bad.


Mr Game and Watch can own in teams. All his smashes are very powerful, he has insane priority, and his moves linger. Although he is light, a technique known as ‘bucket’ braking can help him live longer.

IMO, heavy characters do great in teams since they can just be ‘stock tanks’ and hold lives/stocks for a long time.

Snake is great in teams IMO, he kills easily, his explosives can set traps everywhere, you can have your partner stick c4 on you, then you run and have the c4 stick to your opponents and he can then set it off.

The ‘heaviest’ character I can use is Wolf, his blaster can be annoying in teams, used to control space, his Forward smash isnt a good kill move, but can be somewhat spammed due to its massive range. Downside is his recovery sucks and he can and will be edge hogged.


I’ll make this quick.

If you are complaining about two Falcos spaming lasors, then you’re a noob, plan and simple. Good players find ways around that. Instead of having a team of two Meta-Knights, you have Samus, Lucas, Mario, or Fox on your team. The reason the team tier list mimics the 1v1 tier list is because they are the same. Team games are about coordination rather than tactics or strategy.


um what?


That’s your response?

Anywho, team games with friendly fire on boil down to coordination rather then a strategy. By turning it off, new tactics and strategies arise.


Too bad the new strategies are mainly abusing 2v1’ing opponents.

The coordination requirement prevents broken strategies from occurring.


It’s chill and all. But this one tournament I was at had a pick up style tournament.
They chose teams randomly. I got a good a partner and we synced pretty well. But some people got chosen with a shitty one.
But if your going into a tournament that you know will be 2 vs 2.
Start making plays to get quick KO’s.
Me and my brother usually have plans. Launcher and Attacker.

Attacker softens the opponent and racks em up for damage and then sends them towards the Launcher.
And Launcher basically finishes the job. It’s won us a couple local tournaments.

But Wombo Combo is a perfect example of what I’m talking.


The problem is that no strategy is broken. There is always a way around it. Most of the reason things are turned off in Smash Bros is that the players just don’t want to deal with it. Friendly fire is a great example. Now, with it on, you don’t have to deal with projectile spam (even though it is a legitamate strategy).

Competitive Smash Brothers is like living in fantasy land. They want to turn off all the stuff they consider “cheesey,” yet their matches try their best to abuse the “cheesey,” ****.


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Thanks for the great information in this thread. It will really improve my game!


hard for pika because his game revolved around the bolt :\


Capt.Falcon and Falco



Projectile spam in an active 2v2 fighter (Smash, SFxTK Scramble Mode, etc.) in which you cannot harm your teammate is completely different from doing it in a 1v1 game.

Play Melee w/Friendly Fire turned off against a pair of Falco players and you’ll see what I mean. They will Short Hop Blaster (SHB) you to a nice high percentage, K.O. you with a single hit (SHFFL nair?), and repeat until they win (there’s some Theory Fighter in there, but they will SHB as much as possible b/c there’s no reason not to). It’s a very easy tactic to employ.

By putting Friendly Fire on, it takes away this cheap tactic (and when I say cheap, I mean on the level of ST Akuma; please correct me if I’m wrong) and adds the need for coordination so you don’t set your teammate up for an easy K.O. (or K.O. him yourself). The fact that teamwork becomes more important is just a side effect (and a rather good one) of the real reason you should turn Friendly Fire on: To add a much-needed balance to 2v2.