Thoughts on Abel in AE?

What do you guys think about Abel in AE now that it’s out on console? I only played AE once in an arcade so didn’t get the full feel from a single sitting, but I can honestly say that my impressions on some of the matches were like holy FOCK especially when I fought Yun/Yang… OP indeed.

My nephew who plays against me regularly wants to quit Street Fighter, because AE Abel “sucks” now. I guess compared to his old self, he kinda does. Dropped to mid-tier, looks like.

Well. Abel’s still legit. It’s just that he struggles against the twins, Fei, and Gief. And, tbh, those are the only match-ups that apparently matters.

</somewhat sarcasm on last line.>

Struggle vs Gief? Yep I said it.


It ain’t as bad as it used to be, but Gief has an advantage over Abel. Doesn’t make it unwinnable, but Gief has an advantage.

Abel still feels good, it just sucks that the top 3 characters in the game fuck his shit up. Especially since people will be whoring those 3 (guilty) he will have a tough time in tournaments. I might still hold onto him for certain matchups.

But yea he isn’t ass

I’m not feeling AE so far…

Abel doesn’t seem that bad in ae, i mean i did got bodied by yun/yangs thus far, mainly yuns, but it really didn’t feel like because of the characters. I just was not able to figure out the matchup. Like if i had one/two more week with good yuns i don’t think it would be too bad of a match…although still hard lol. Its like the rufus matchup, at first it seemed impossible, but after a few weeks it did not feel bad at all, just a lil bit of an uphill fight. But as usual the matchup don’t matter if you get momentum with abel…unless you vs akuma…that is the one matchup i just can’t figure out…i hate akuma.

vs feilong - yeah its hard but not bad at all, Just need to stay really, REALLY patient or gonna get punished hard.Plus fwd mk to st fierce and cr short to st fierce do not whiff so its easier to apply pressure

I’m curious, what has changed about the Abel/Gief matchup since Super? Because in vanilla SF4, I felt like Gief Abel was wildly in favor of gief, but thanks to breathless I found the matchup in Super to be not only playable, but almost dead even. I mean, I’d still give a slight advantage to gief (maybe 6/4, though it felt more like 5.5/4.5 to me) but in Super if I had breathless and a life lead I was in complete control of the match. Gief couldn’t cross the screen

Not much has changes in the gief match-up since Super besides EX greenhand not knocking down and the nerf on Breathless. I haven’t bee playing long enough with Abel in AE to see if that matters too much. But, it’s still 6-4 in Gief’s favor.

abel sucks? He’s the same!!!

was in training mode today to see abel’s ae version. his elbow was nerfed toooooo much. attack hit boxes that missed/whiffed in super where fixed in AE, so why did they ruin 1 of abels best normals? i was vs rog in training… and at close range the 2nd hit was missing, again AT CLOSE RANGE. it was 50/50 hit or miss unless i went right into him. i had rog on jump, and again the 2nd hit hardly connected. either the 1st hit, or a whiff. imagine the life u would lose in a real match against a fierce jump in? it was missing in matches too on close opponents, close as in FP or MP would come out if i wasnt crouching. yeah abel is weaker in this one due to his elbow sucking ass mainly when used on the ground. basically the same character, just a lot more inconsistent

Abel is the same. All of his setups still work, and it he still does more than enough damage with them.

The only matches that I think are seriously affected by any nerf of Abel’s are Zangief and Honda, with an honorable mention to Guile and Deejay, who probably benefit a bit from the slight change to roll’s hittable frames.

i think the change im most concerned about is the hitbox on cr.fierce whiffing on grounded opps. that shit was unacceptable in vanilla and will be pissed to see if its back in with any consistency.

The only character it happened to consistently was Fuerte, and it never happened in combos anyway.

is it just me, or does it seem like abel builds more meter off of whiffed FS?

Are you guys serious about the Gief match up? I’ve never played against one that made me think the match is 6-4 in favor of Gief. In my opinion, Abel has the advantage. Tornado throw beats all his wake up options besides jump and backdash. You can easily zone him out with pokes (i.e. st. lk, f. mk, sweep) You can cr. mk all of his jump-ins. I’m not trying to talk shit or say that you guys are bad. Maybe there just aren’t any good Gief’s on Xbox Live.

All my tournament experience is in Minnesota and La Crosse, Wisconsin. We only have one decent Gief player between the two states, Mean Saltine.

About Abel in AE though, he doesn’t feel like a different character. You have to be a little bit more careful with your rolls. I only use breathless as a wakeup reversal now. I would say that all of his normals feel the same to me. If you think he’s worse, then you’ve been relying too much on breathless.

seriously try punishing a whiffed rising buffalo with elbow > falling sky… the elbow is likely to miss 50% of the time now. there are other reliable punishes so it really doesnt matter. like i said he is the same character but he is more inconsistent now. that “relying on breathless too much” statement is pretty condescending and reeks of “i know it all” tbh

Negative, sometimes his Jump in Medium Kick beats it.

My goodness… Abel’s advantage??? where do I Start?

Abel’s mixups have to be grounded since it’s hard to cross gief up… so ya.

Tornado Throw? I’d like to introduce you to neutral jump headbutt combo into ex green hand (700+ stun) into 50/50!!! What’s that you say combo? stay free? yes … stay free tornado throw, stay free.
Not to mention his new ULTRA II making jumping and back dashing almost as scary as crouching and blocking.

Abel is an in-your-face kind of character but since gief’s one of those few characters where he benefits more from being close than abel does, Abel has to play differently, turtle abel… excuse me, “zoning abel” is alright, but zoning gief out for along time can be tough since his normals are very good, not to mention gief may be abel to whiff punish with light kick and xx it into greenhand.

6-4 Abel? You’ve got to be playing some prreeetttty shitty giefs my friend.

When abel gets knocked down, geif can OS an spd grab to stop him from Rolling away, so… Abel HAS to put up with his crap. Between Cr. jab into combo stuffing jump aways, and grabs to stop blocking, getting knocked down by gief is miserable, and btw :Gief’s new SPD range is LONGER THAN HIS STANDING MEDIUM PUNCH!!!

He can SPD a COD on block… AND a COD FADC dash foward… (it’s -2)

5-5 or geif advantage… but no way in abel’s advantage, this was never an easy match, EVER…