Thoughts on Abel in AE?

CoD FADC dash forward is actually +5

my thoughts on AE - I don’t care how good Abel is or isn’t anymore. the twins are ridiculous… they let me play the game the way I’ve always wanted to play it (crazy devastating rushdown) while at the same time having only one or two bad matchups.

its me and Yang all the way now

really? COD fadc dash forward is +5??

so COD dash forward cr jab is a block string???

it can be. you can CoD FADC dash forward and do TT too fast, so it whiffs… lost more than a few matches that way

CoD FADC dash forward into s.fp is a sick mixup. no point in doing c.lp there

noted… gonna make that knowledge adjustment… in that case

Abel vs Gief… 7-3 abel… stay free

Thing is Abel can make Gief guess just like the rest of the cast. Step kick gives him fits and like above, his only real options are jump and backdash so you can play to that.

I really think the MU has evolved over time and you watch any high level rushdown Abel play from Combofiend or Ryder, they don’t seem to struggle vs Gief. At the very minimum he surly is no counter pick. At the end of the day both characters have to do a whole lot of guessing (reads) which is why it can swing either way in a set.

Zangief/Abel is back to Gief advantage for sure. People can talk all they want about mixing him up and TT beating all his wakeup options, but you being close to Gief is just as much a mixup on you as it is on him, and the potential damage is way in his favor. If you guess wrong once, you’re getting knocked down into an option select grinder that Abel has almost no way to escape from. Ever had a Zangief do safe jump splash option select low short/EX spd/720 on you?

Zangief has no reason to fear Abel now that breathless can’t pin him.

Breathless nerf shouldn’t even be relevant to the MU because high level Abels were using U1 vs him anyway. Unless they were trolling Giefs online. lol

Are you retarded? Breathless not relevant in the Zangief match? Quit trolling please.

This thread is an endless circle-jerk of misinformation.

Well then I must be retarded cuz I ain’t trolling. After the initial shock of the ultra wore off, yet to see a high level Abel use it well vs gief. Let alone Vance.

I think your getting effective stuff online mixed up with effective stuff off.

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Vs. Zangief, breathless punishes the following with 400+ damage: jump attacks, backdashing, pokes like stand roundhouse, low roundhouse, low forward, and whiffed command grabs. Why is any of that not effective offline? Do you know how to option select breathless vs Gief’s wakeup? Do you know that Gief’s jump arc makes it almost impossible for him to escape from certain ranges?

Done with this thread. You clearly have no idea why the match went from 7-3 in vanilla to 5-5 in super in the first place.

Breathless right? LOL. Folks here are toooo funny. Few months after super came out I said it was 6-4 Abel once he got U2 loaded. Doods strait ripped me a new one. Timed passed, talked with pro players offline, watched the streams and a year later it became clear that if the Gief knew what the hell he was doing, using U2 would be just as much of a guess for you as it is him. I dare you to use U2 vs a top tier Gief. Sure he cant just press buttons with long delay, but so what. FTW anyway.

If your playing footsies with Gief, you are almost guaranteed to hit at least 1 step kick, which means step kick combo, which means U1.

As far as what the MU odds is now, this will probably be debated till the end of the series. Alot of Gief mains feel its even, Abel players still feel disadvantaged shrug.

Not gonna lie. My first tournament, played a gief first round (was counterpicked). I probably f+mk’d into his EX bear hug at least twice a round. xD;

I realize that was just me failing, but shit was funny.

At the end of the day, match-up scores at still just theorygaming. They aren’t shit set in stone. I feel that the gief match-up on a *personal *level (i.e, against my own Abel) is 6-4 in gief’s favor. Gief benefits more than Abel at close range, so that leaves Abel to try and play a gimped offensive. Although TT is immune to throws, how many good Giefs are gonna be spamming super and ultra on wake-up (where Abel usually beats Gief’s super/ultra is off a ‘meaty’ TT)? With LP SPD being a huge range (what is it, 1.5?) and Gief’s U2, I can certainly see an advantage in Gief’s favor, but that’s just my personal angle.

Abel is still feels the same. Listening to the Juicybits podcast with Juicebox (who’s one of the best Abel players there are), he made me realize that,yes, the nerfs suck…but they’re not too bad. Abel still has all the tools, and un-beatable grab, and ambigious (throwable) teleport, step kick, cl.s.fp. No frame data changed aside from Marsailles roll, which imo if they’re going to punish it in super,they’ll be just as likely to ppunish it in AE. The breathless nerf does suck, but the thing that kinda upsets me is the not the recovery,not the no armor while moving, but that the startup has been increased so no more punishing blocked headbutts. I’ve always been a big fan of Ultra 1, because it is arguably one of the easiest ultras to combo into (one of,not the). I"m not saying Abel got better,the opposite actually. But he still has all the tools that someone would be scared of. No reason to drop him, unless your a Useless n00b.

nah son, point missed just a little…

people droppin him because he just ain’t got a great fight against the twins. Abel gets a duh bodied by uh da dive kicks and duh makoto and fei…

Capcom: Give abel a dp and and a fireball plz.

That is pretty rough vs. twins,fei. But just cause someone gets 4 harder match-ups isn’t a reason to srop them. Seth and Zangief was an 8-2 in Seths favor,Gief and akuma was an 8-2, Abel can still deal with them. It’s going to be hard as fuck, but he can do it. BTW everyone on this thread, if the twins are dive kicking and you block it above waist they are more than -3. You can just throw and get a knockdown.

Abel seems to lose to the Big 3 (Yun, Yang, Fei) so good look in tournies without having a pocket S-tier

thats common knowledge imo

a yun who knows his stuff will almost never do unsafe dive kicks, i say dont count on it but dont totally ignore it either

yeah, if the only thing you care about is winning tourneys at whatever cost(im not sayin its wrong), please do keep an S tier in your pocket. im still not at my peak with abel, not ready to switch main, not anytime soon.

Tell um why you mad son…

Again, use u2 vs Vance or Itabashi, and even Aqua and let me know how that works out for you.

sheesh… super salty…

i gotta side with this guy… i still think ultra II is super effective against gief…
If gief EVER jumpins in with his heavy punch… abel’s crounching position during ultra II is too low to get hit by it… he’ll get grabbed out of his landing recovery frames…

Knock down gief… roll in and then back off and punish lariot works for me sometimes…
Meh… haven’t used it against a “Top Gief”, yet…

Yeah I feel like a dipshit now. I get too worked up over stupid shit lol. I still think it’s a 6-4, but yeah, I forgot about it hitting low.