Thoughts on Air X-Factor?

anyone else think this is a HORRIBLE idea? I can see random air supers becoming even more viable because of it. Throwing out an assist against characters like akuma is basically suicidal. I expect even more happy birthdays.

Honestly, I don’t want to make complaints but I just think the idea is highly unnecessary. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one believes this.

Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool. It opens up a lot of new possibilities.

It’s silly that you couldn’t use XF in the air to begin with, imo.

Hell I’m sure the only reason you couldn’t was because that would’ve been extra work on the modeler’s plates.

I think that was a necessary limitation or else characters would be getting killed instantly by random air supers.

As opposed to know when characters get killed by random ground supers? I mean, Akuma can still Hyper X-Factor Hyper your assists when on the ground, now it’ll just be in the air.

yeah, that’s why I said “I expect even MORE happy birthdays,” it just adds to the random factor.

Not sure. Is it the same frame wise on the ground? Any recovery etc? Adjusted damage scaling? I Cant imagine it being a bad thing.

Dormammu can’t chip you for half your life with 2 fireball hypers and a bunch pillars on your way in.

What’s not to love?

I like it for a reason that has already been touched upon: It prevents ‘chip on entry’ kills. You’ve already lost a character, you shouldn’t be immediately punished further for it. I’m willing to live with “encourages more random supers” as a trade-off, that’s fine by me.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful. Granted, the point is to not make mistakes, but if you happen to do something air wise and are unable to cancel it, air x-factor is a guaranteed option and a potential meter waste for the opponent if they’re Hyper canceling to punish you. Definitely adds to the defensive side of things.

Offensive is just frosting on the cake.

I think the more air x-factor is explored the more people will begin to realize that it is completely unnecessary.

As a Dormammu player; anything that stops me from doing what I’m supposed to do best is a great idea. :wink:

i don’t like how the second question got rocket raccon as a best idea ever:rofl:

i think its a nice touch

I was disappointed when the game came out and I found out I couldn’t X-Factor in the air.

It opens so many possibilities, from offense - Flight combos into X Factor into more flight combos? Yes please! - to defense - the ability to avoid chip from things like getting caught in Storm’s Hail Storm in the air.

You could do it in TvC with baroque and it was fun, so why not?

I think its dumb. I like entry chip damage. I dont fucking want a lvl3 xfactor phoenix raping me. Chip that bitch before she reaches the ground.

I think it’s a great idea. Counter TAC, X-Factor, and punish just sounds like something that could be amazing. I wonder if that’ll work.

Your voting poll responses are loaded as all hell.
At the very least, it’ll lead to more options. You can never be 100% sure if it’ll be good for the game overall on a competitive level, but we’ll find out after the game is released if they keep it in. Right now I’m just thinking of general ways of using it like countering overwhelming blockstrings, countering TACs, or using it for extended re-fly combos etc.

this is true.

This game is random only when you can’t be bothered to learn how to play it and you don’t know what is going on or what your opponent is trying to do. Happy birthdays happen only because you call your assists carelessly, don’t cover them properly and don’t ensure that your opponent doesn’t have a chance to Shinkuu both of you guys at the same time.

I belong to the wait and see camp. On one hand ground only X Factor gives a huge, unfair advantage to those like Wolverine who dominate the ground, but I can see how air X Factor will make those like Storm and Akuma broken.