Thoughts on Capcom's "DLC" (now with improved poll)


Thoughts on Capcom’s “DLC”

so we found out today that jill and shuma gorath, mvc3’s two “DLC characters” are on disc already. this is something that really pisses me off, like its a total hype killer and i cant get over it. so i just am wondering if anyone else feels the same or am i the only one out here mad about this.

I am not anti DLC by any means either…for instance, i want cable to come back. but i dont want to find out that cables been on the disc the entire time.


i just realized choice 1 and 4 are pretty much the same. can a mod edit either one of them out or something


The ones to blame for Shuma Gorath (and possible Jill) being DLC is Marvel.

I rather DL Characters then another 60$ game.


I have no issue with Capcom putting revenue from the disc sales into creating new content. I do however have a problem with Capcom keeping content that’s already there on the disc locked away to drip feed to us later for an additional ten quid.


Either buy the DLC or don’t, but whining about it is pointless. Just deal.


You do realize that those all basically say that you would hate the Capcom DLC.

Also, as it was asked before, has it been confirmed that the COMPLETE characters are on the disc? Otherwise, then I’ll have to ask, would you have had a problem with a Download code for Hugo in SF3:2nd Impact?


This poll is especially GDLK since there’s no option to express not being upset.


I definitely like the idea of DLC, especially for new characters.

Who doesn’t want more characters for new fighters, especially characters that couldn’t make the cut but can have the opportunity to make it in if the fans demands them.

It’s also best, business wise, to bring out DLC, they are Fighting Game Companies not Fighting Game Non-Profit Organizations. Plus, the more money they get, the more we expect more DLC and more new fighters since Fighting Games are now big money makers. Not to mention that we can get balance patches as well since they have the money for it.

DLC also keeps the game more active than ever by brining back players when they announce more DLC instead of just abandoning the game after a few months.

Another thing, if players are willing to spend $150+ for sticks and doodads for their sticks, they wouldn’t mind spending $10 for new characters.


It’s all perspective, people. It’s all also what you find value in.

But honestly, you have gamers to blame for company’s doing anything they can to get more money. Even now people are playing pirated copies. That’s 60$ out of Capcom’s pocket - 6 sets of Jill/Shuma packs. While some companies are pretty silly about it, try to remember that this is really about people wanting everything while spending as little as possible for it. If people acted right we wouldn’t be dealing with this.


The poll choice is like 1984 doublespeak lol


I have no problem with DLC on the disc that has no effect on competitive gameplay (like costumes or map packs). And I have no problem with DLC that can affect competitive gameplay (characters in this case), if it’s released as DLC (not on disc) after a while, to improve the experience of the game, to bring something fresh for the fans.

I get disappointed when Capcom (a company I admire) pulls gameplay related content that is already done from the retail version (but leaves that content on the disc) just to charge a few extra dollars from the fans. It’s a dirty practice, not to mention too dumb for me to believe they could be that dumb.


Might’ve been better if someone with a little more neutrality worded it. :lol:

Anywho, we still don’t know if the on disc data has everything. I mean it could just be unfinished character models. SRK jumping the gun again…


Joke poll.

Anyways, I’m wondering since Nick is getting upset over the the characters being on the disc, are we sure that the stuff on the disc is complete?

I know I’ve played other games where there was partial data on a disc for DLC ( or abandoned content ), but nothing playable.


What the Flying Fuck? But I had expected it since the gamestop leak. I’m not going to pay for them or the game.


i realized that, i PMed preppy about changing the wording


It sucks that you have to pay for content already on the disc (in this case, characters). More and more companies are doing it, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

…but I’d rather pay for characters than fucking costumes.


I don’t care, because I’m getting it for free (the game and the DLC).

The rest of y’all can stay salty.


If the characters were announced three months down the line people would still complain about paying for stuff. There’s mountains of documented evidence of this. People just hate spending money on videogames.

I bet my thumbs the same people spent 10$ on much worse crap in their lives.


im the opposite…charge all you want for the irrelevant stuff like costumes, but characters should be free.


I think all planned dlc is on disc and incomplete the dlc installs them and unlocks them finishing the character.

I like dlc and have no problem paying for it