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Recently, one thing bothers me. Do you remember TV show “Power Rangers”? It’s first season specifically, when the PR world was still ruled by Reverend Zordon? I wonder if the figure of main villain, Lord Zedd, wasn’t too gruesome for younger audience? Just look:

Body without skin, visible brain. Mask with a sharp, unpleasant shapes distorted in a grotesque smile. Metal implants stuck in the whole body. And guy appears in the show watched by 3-4 aged childrens! Don’t you think that guy suit better to Mortal Kombat, than Power Rangers?

Yeah Power Rangers really needed to be softened up.

He was perfect. The physical manifestation of badass. The entire look, the snakes, the blood, everything made you fear him. Hell, even the few times the rangers actually fought against him, they were wiped easily.
Zedd was perfect (until Mondo and his machine empire came in and ridiculed him).

Pah Rita Repulsa was definitely where it was at

He was the only MMPR action figure that I had.
He beat the shit out of my Terminator 2 action figures, due to his 8 inch height.

Keep in mind, the PR was all about the clear separations between good and Evil. Everything was so clear cut between the two (Except for the true heroes of the series, Bulk and Skull). In the first season you had the Goody Goodies fighting against a supposed empress of evil who turned out to be more of a buffoon than anything else. With Zedd, you had the very clear distinction that he was evil incarnate and that the only reason he failed was the ineptitude of his henchmen.

And then enter… Ivan Ooze.

Even more evil than Zedd!

Ivan was an idiot who hid his machines underneath the same city Zordon protected.

Power rangers taught me that the cultural identity of black and yellow people is merely a reflection of their skin color. White people truely are the rainbow of diversity. Which is why they make such great leaders.

Except when the red was Native.

Clear cut definitions between good and evil? Wasn’t there usually a Ranger, in a couple different series, who flaked back and forth? They always ended up good but that threat of them going back usually lingered didn’t it? I could be totally wrong but first it was Tommy the Green//White ranger who waffled and then in a later series there was another one (Silver?)

Green went from Pure Evil to Pure Goody Goody. It was all mind control.
Even when GoseiKnight appeared who fought both the Rangers and bad guys, he did it because he condemned all men for polluting the earth in the ultimate goody two shoe bullshit.

Edit; Maybe you mean White Ranger in Dino Thunder? Again, mind control made him act evil. And when evil he was a total douche, and when good he was the goody goody artist.

Yeah the DT White Ranger was the 2nd I was thinking of. I wasn’t sure if it was mind control in all the cases I was thinking of or not.

It’s unfortunate that the soccer moms were too outspoken about Zedd and they toned him down and forced him to marry Rita.

[media=youtube]7p69InNS-j0[/media] its japan. You really want to ask if anything from japan makes sense?

I was never freaked out when I saw that as a kid.I thought it was a cool design.

Lord Zedd is a completely American invention. He was only in the American series, not the japanese Sentai.

they might have thought hey its from japan and a kids show so who cares

And that’s why he is so badass

What caught me off guad…I wa in some store like KMart or something and saw PR Season 1 action figures…the cheap 2 dollar kinds. I look and they got Rita. then I look at what she was wearing… (0_0) she had friggin ‘cone boobs’

Thats REAL child appropriate right?

tsk tsk tsk

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