Thoughts on Free to Play Fighters?

DOA5 Ultimate will have a free to play option with 4 starting characters and nearly every game mode available (with the rest of the roster being paid for unless you bought the full game), and the recently announced Tekken Revolution will be free to play as well. So my question is, what do you think of this? While I’m relatively uneducated on the subject, I do know that games such as League of Legends have been extremely successful by being free to play (granted, this isn’t at all the only reason).

Free to play is great since you get more than just a demo. A better way to see if a game is for you, we will take Uncharted 3 for example. UC3f2pmulti allows you to play the multiplayer aspect but they only allow you to reach level 15, you can keep playing though. If you want the full game you get it for a discounted price of 40 dollars. If you want to level up fully but not purchase the full game it’s 10 bucks. There are various set prices for perks,kickbacks etc.Obviously getting the full game is the way to go but there are other options.

TLDR Version: DOA f2p is a great idea as long as the full version doesn’t go over 60. They would help themselves out at selling for 40 though.

I don’t mind actually, but i can already see a lot of idiots complaining when they start adding more characters via dlc saying that the game now costs more than $60

i’ll worry about pricing schemes after someone actually makes a good fighter

I think they’re great, if

[]All characters available in training mode
]Free weekly rotation of 5 characters (Out of your standard 25-30 fighting roster)
[*]In game currency, gotten through wins and challenge stuff, that can buy anything that is for sale

When you start getting into not being able to try characters before you buy, only having a set number of free characters, and content that is money exclusive, then I start liking it less.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang would be perfect if you could use everyone in training mode.

LoL provides a good model. The problem with DoA and Tekken Revolution is they are just the same games that are out there. We need a new fighter that is only F2P with no retail/$60 version to really gauge the experience (again, XDZW).

Nothing in life is free, that’s what I learned. Never really heard of a free to play fighter of the nature of DOA and Tekken so I’m going to need to see more to form a legitimate opinion.

I hear the word free to play and am thinking that by the time you have as much content as a proper release, you are going to be well over the price of a proper release, also unless you’re an online only player you’ll probably be wanting all the characters so everyone can play their mains, shit could rack up real quick.

Then again as long as it’s just an option and you can still just buy the complete game with all the content in it rather than picking away at your wallet character by character then I guess it’ll be a nice way to get people playing it.

F2P business model is the new hotness for good reason. There’s no reason to pirate it since it’s free, you get access to basic functions, which lets players determine if they like the game a lot, and it’s potentially a very lucrative model for game devs and publishers.

The only problem is if developers start requiring players to invest a HEAVY amount of money in order to stay competitive either by having to frequently purchase characters or mechanics, within the game, it could lead to problems. Nothing should ever be forced to be purchased in order to stay solid.

Xuandou Zhiwang would be great if they didn’t reset your in-game currency every so often. I was saving up for the 1 character I really wanted to play, and then I got zapped. Gotta start all over saving up again now. :frowning:

Told you, here we have the 1st imbecile that complains about it

to be honest it make sense bussiness wise
if could just grind and purchase all your character than they wouldn’t be able to make much money not to mention the money can go to other stuff that could be potentially abusive. (like exp bonuses) their goal is to keep you playing so they use this tatic to keep people playing.

Tekken Revolution from the looks of it seems to be a different game than TTT2. TR also has RPG elements that makes it unique than other FG.

I feel like slapping you for saying this.

There’s also a retail version of DOA5U for a regular price. Yet if you want to buy all the LoL characters you end up paying thousands of dollars, not to mention runes which force you to grind, and a lot, and rune pages which is more money/grind because 2 pages is never enough and you always need to have more ready depending on which characters all the other 9 players pick.

So in short, no, LoL does not have a “good model”. Good for the publisher’s wallet maybe but not for the players.

But…he has a point?

If namco forces you to do things like buy moves or upgrade moves just to keep up it would completely ruin the game from a competitive standpoint.

If this sort of thing catches on I can only hope developers stick to just “accessory” micro-transactions, leaving the game-play and core mechanics completely out of the economy of micro-transactions.

The game is still in beta phase, that’s they keep resetting.

The game seems to be a side version of TTT2 with less content and more gimmicks, so if you want serious Tekken, just buy TTT2.

As long as this is not the actual sequel to the series, there’s no problem.

I’m surprised it’s taken this long for a F2P fighter. Not even looking at it in a competitive way but you’d think it’d be easy for someone to set up a system not too dissimilar from Create-A-Wrestler in those WWf/E games.

I trust Harada to give players of all demographics a warrant to download Tekken Revolution.

I’d . . . personally rather just have all the characters immediately. The occasional DLC character is nice, but no Free-to-play for me.

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to FGs. So needless to say, No, I don’t approve of having to buy shit on the fly to compete at the fullest. Having to buy characters and eventually (depending on how lucrative it becomes) other shit that will change the competitive sphere of the game is not something I can stand behind, ever. That’s why I still don’t appreciate paid DLC characters or paid game alterin’ updates (that don’t allow for the previous versions to be played at the same time). It’s not about paying the money, it’s just about it becoming a chore to stay up to date.

It seems like every year we take another step away from what made FGs special and the genre is just starting to change into…everything else. When will companies realize SFIV and Tekken 6 were at their biggest before all this mainstream-style bullshit? At least if F2P becomes the norm, have the “buy the rest of the characters all at once” as the on only option when it comes to the characters. Now selling stages, costumes, and modes, I could give 2 squirts about. Unless ma’fuckaz try to sell Training and Versus Mode…Ya’know, I actually wanna see that AND I wanna see people buy it even more.

I like what DO5U is doing in that you can simply opt to buy the whole game. Here’s hoping that Tekken Rev. has a similar option.