Thoughts on getting better at fighting games?

Guide to becoming a “top player” in fighting games



Find A Mentor

Finding a mentor is very important for accelerating your fighting game skills, because it will strengthen your foundation in the beginning of your pursuit to become a top player in fighting games. A mentor is going to motivate you to keep pursuing your goals either directly by training you personally or indirectly through their performances at tournaments or videos you see of them. from personal experience, i would rage quit quit over a losing and have no motivation to play at all, but when i watched a video of a top player doing crazy stuff in the game, I would be inspired to go back into the trenches for more agony and punishment. So find a player or multiple players that “move” you. Find mentors for specific characters. Study your mentor(s) to become a better player faster and ultimately beat your mentor to progress to top player status.

Record yourself and Analyze your matches.

Find a way to record your performance, then ask yourself why you won or lost. Did you win because you were playing more defensively or offensively.DIG DEEP! If you recorded a close match ask yourself what you could have done differently to adapt and overcome your opponent.ALWAYS STRIVE TO DOMINATE!
When you see a mistake you’ve made visualize yourself correcting the mistake over and over and over again. REPETITION IS KEY! it’s going to make you more comfortable in handling that specific situation when it inevitably occurs again. doing these things will make WILL make you a top player.

Be your own commentator.

To do this mute the volume and start flailing your gums. Begin guessing what the players are doing, how they are playing, why they are playing that specific way. Predict what’s going to happen. Observe tendencies. Make a habit of thinking this way to carry over to matches you play yourself shifting your mindset toward that of top players.

Emphasize the good to reveal the bad.

When observing your matches try to find out what you tend to repeat a lot of, this will reveal the flaws of in your play, smart players will use your tendencies against you securing your defeat and their victory and we don’t want that. you need to keep experienced players on their toes by focusing more of what you don’t do enough of. Say for example, I like to button mash a lot then an experienced player will use frame traps to counter my mashing, or say I’m good with the frame traps then my opponent will use DP moves to punish me getting a huge advantage over me, possibly winning the round because of my tendencies. To prevent this you will need to keep track of how much time you are spending on offensive(FT’s, Jump ins),defensive(spacing, footsies) practices, doing so will make you a balanced player capable of adapting to changing conditions to an equal degree of efficiency, shattering any weaknesses you may have. bringing you one step closer to top player status.

Take a break.

There will be times when you need to take a break from your hard work to benefit from it, taking a few days or weeks off from fighting games will allow your body and mind to process and reap all the hard work you have been putting it through, physically,mentally, and emotionally. Once you do come back to it you will be stronger than ever before.
July 7, 2013

Visualize (Eyes)

Visualize yourself as the character.

visualizing is an important tool that you can utilize to obtain an intimacy with your character that goes beyond hours of practice. the more of your 5 human senses that you can use to make your character feels as real as possible the greater care and genuine emotion you will feel towards your character, creating a special player-character bond seen only in high level players like Justin Wong’s Rufus or Diago’s Ryu and so on. here’s how.Try to visualize the feel of your character’s moves and movements, hell if you want to take another step further you can imitate your character moves in real life, but use caution when attempting it. Imagine the feeling of your characters muscles contracting, feel the energy building up in Ryu’s “Metsu Hadouken”. what does it feel like? how does he build it?
When Zangief does he’s SPD’s imagine the wind, the body heat, the skin on skin contact. try to imagine the pain your character feels when being attacked by an opponent. Using this tool of the human mind will make matches more intense,and more enthralling, you will begin to adapt to the flow of matches more often then usual. essentially do whatever you can to get yourself into the game. Ultimately my aim is for you to apply this knowledge into the real world so that you may have a more exciting and enriching life, plus you remember more. So get out there and start using your imagination.

also there’s a book I recommend all my readers to checkout its called “Moonwalking With Einstein” it will teach you how to memorize anything!

The Subconscious (Attitude)

Think positive. Think as a top player.

One of the first things you might be thinking is: but I’m not a top player!; hell you might not be! but if you start identifying yourself as a top player then you will want to start developing habits of top players and eventually become one yourself. I’m not promising you will be able bunk heads with the top players in terms of skill, today or in a week, or month that takes time to develop but by constantly affirming yourself that you are a top player! you’re motivating yourself to become that.Think about it Jwong or Fchamp or Clockwork they didn’t become top players by thinking “I’m gonna be a top player one day, they knew in their minds they were top players already and after affirming this thought over and over, that thinking eventually blossomed out into reality. Scientific research has shown that this is true, by thinking positive you become positive. This is just an inkling of what the human mind and body can achieve for us personally when we use it as a tool to attain our goals fighting game related or not.

If you are interested in more about the power of thought checkout a book called “Power Of Your Subconscious mind” its a great read, it talks about “miracle” healing and the power that thoughts have over us.

Mantra and Affirmations.

Affirmations are phrases,thoughts you repeatedly say in your head that affect your subconscious either negatively or positively. Now that you are aware of the power the mind holds over you you can start using it as a tool to make you a stronger player create affirmations that will bolster your conviction to attain top player status. for example “I’m will train like a top player everyday is a good example,repetition is key, so be sure to say it repeatedly in your head, yell it out if you can, with pride and vigor. Be sure the affirmations have some meaning by making it personal. use I’s, am’s can’s, and will’s or these words help cement your affirmations

Use this tool to further yourself in your fighting game career and carry it beyond.

Know that some is better than you.

There is always gonna be some one better than you at fighting games but find comfort in the fact that you can get better than them ,thus attaining higher level of skill, use or change what i’m saying in a way to break past your limits both physically and mentally.Ryu is a traveling hobo fighter determined to search for that warrior he can clash fists with that is better than him so he trains everyday both mind and body. be a little like Ryu. He is so bad ass.

No top player is smart.

My theory is that they have learned to use their own mind and body as tools to attain their personal goals. that doesn’t make you smart.

Health (Body)

Eating Healthy

Why is it necessary for fighting games?

For fighting games it will give you the mental clarity to execute your strategies more effectively with less errors. The human brain needs important vitamins and minerals to function optimally in thinking, planning, problem solving, listening,and etc. These are actions our brain uses to survive everyday, without it we would all be dead or very low in the food chain. In fighting games we use our brain for these actions and more as well as spotting patterns and deciphering how an opponent plays especially in high stress situations. Without a good nutrition our brain will be running improperly which consequently can lead to frequent mistakes and losses. Be sure to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily to maximize your performance and you can feel like a top player everyday.

Exercise your body.

You might be thinking why should I exercise if i’m going to be on my ass? reasons would be that it helps in detoxifying your body, improves blood circulation, improves your mood which in turn allows you to absorb information and adapt to the flow of matches better, you will think more creatively, and act more quickly. overall exercise is important and its one the many steps to becoming a top player in and out the ring.

did you know that your forearm controls finger movement and speed?

Here is some forearm exercises that you can do to strengthen your forearms

Learn to speed read

Speed reading is the ability to read faster. speed reading will increase the speed at which your brain can process visual information from your eyes. this will lead to an increase in reaction time giving you a greater edge over your opponent. it will make you a faster fighter and reader. it will stimulate the right hemisphere of your brain, the one used for visualizing and thinking creatively is one of the most important tools you can develop that will turn you into a more efficient fighter,and reap a more enjoyable personal life.
July 3, 2013

I’m writing this discussion to present you with the knowledge necessary to shape yourself into a “top player” but ultimately I want this information to transcend into your personal life, improving your quality of life.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Ive been playing video game before I could read,I’ve played video games for the 22 years i’ve been on this earth, but i’ve found a particular love for fighting games. through out my years as a young boy and as a young adult I have played many fighters, from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Primal rage, Killer Instinct, MVC1,MVC2, UMVC3,and MANY more. for about 2 and half years i’ve been following the fighting game community. I’ve been a partaker and observer in the community. seeing all the drama in it(particularly the MVC3 crowd) has been a blast. when you read my articles, know that it comes from a place of love for my community. I want to see it grow bigger and better.

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