Thoughts on HD re-release "collections"

At first it was a cool concept, but now its started to get out of hand. The fact that now people are buzzing over a Shemue collection worries me just a little about the future of this hot trend right now, in that:

1. Why are they releasing “collections” of games that only have 1 sequel? Z.o.e. “collection” but theres only 2 ZOE games, with ZOE2 being literally the only reason for purchasing the collection to begin with.

**2. Why are they releasing “collections” without including the entire collection? **ie: Metal Gear Solid Collection: minus Metal Gear Solid original OR Twin Snakes re-make. Now I can deal with the fact that the Resident Evil HD collection only includes Code Veronica and RE4 since the first 3 are already available in the playstation network, so what about Resident Evil 0? What about Resident Evil 1 remake?

I’ve heard people attempt to claim that Twin Snakes was a collaboration between Nintendo and Konami and has a lot of Nintendo easter eggs within the game…so edit them the fuck out? I dont get it.

3. “HD” versions of PS1 and PS2 games dont look THAT much better to put so much emphasis on a “HD” re-release.

I mean part of it is me still having a PS2/Dreamcast with these games, and I can understand how some people might want them all “together” on one system but at the same time convenience shouldnt usher in a new gaming trend that might exhaust what good games we have making a parody of the already existing versions of Metal Gear Solid 2 because the HD Collection has MGS2 in…HD!

I think its a cool idea, but I looks like something developers might try to take and run with if consumers dont keep their eyes peeled.

I’m all for them so long as the gameplay is preserved intact. The thing about video games is that we don’t have the advantage of easily reprodusable media like music, tv or movies. This keeps the games alive through the different formats. The fact that consoles can die is a big blow to trying to keep a historical collection of games. A real shame too because the way games have changed in the last 15 years alone is nothing short of mind blowing.

Well, the mgs collection is probably missing MGS1 because it was already remade and is on the PSN
MGS2/3 never got a remake. Hype for PS3 peace walker though.

Anti hype for CVX HD since its Fake HD and it just looks awful.

MGS1 is on PSN, and fuck Twin Snakes.

PS2 games really don’t need that much of a remake.

The up scaling is mercy on my eyes tho.

no idea why OP is concerned but I can’t wait for peace walker!!

The HD part is not so much that they have better textures or character models, but that they run at 1080p. Though you need the whole package for a true “high definition” experience.

I want Peace Walker and ZOE2. I’d pay full price for those games alone.

Yea hype for Peace Walker!

Kojima Productions didn’t develop Twin Snakes so it doesn’t get included. I don’t no problem with these collections. I enjoy playing old games on new hardware so I won’t have pull out the old console out of the closet if I want to play them.

I might be wrong, but If I remember right, the ZOE games didn’t sell that well on their first outing on the PS2 in the US/EU and were kinda cult hits at best. Konami might not think either game on its own would be able to sell and bundled them together either to increase sales potential or at Kojima’s insistence. Like with a lot of port/remakes nowdays, they may also be using the collection to gauge interest in the series for a possible sequel.

Yeah I agree, a lot of PS2 games still look great today, and even when they do get HD makeovers (Shadow of the Colossus, ICO) their polygon count doesn’t always go up so we’re not really getting a complete “next-gen” facelift. I mean, they definitely look better, just not as good as they could barring a complete remake.

I think the big reason people (like me) like HD upgrades (or remakes and ports in general) is that they make older games relevant again. People talk about games that haven’t been topical for years and treat them like they’re new again. In the case of games that didn’t do that well the first time, it also gives them a second chance to be successful. HD remakes seem to be cheaper to make, so if nothing else they turn a hefty profit and give companies funding for bigger, newer projects. Unless they get complacent with nothing but rehashes, which might be what ya yaah is concerned about, but all I’m gonna say is that if it eventually gets me my Odin Sphere HD I’m all for this [S]money train[/S] trend to continue.

It’s worth it for the clear text alone if you ask me.

I’m on the fence…I read today that SE is releasing FFX HD, I’ll probably buy that even though I still have my PS2. However, overall, I don’t really care. If I have the original game, I’ll just play that. I still have a standard def television in the guest room for old consoles (I have a ps2 and a SNES hooked up to it.)

It’s a good thing, imo. I’m still hoping for a complete “Devil May Cry Collection” one day, so I don’t have to finally buy a Ps2 to check out the previous games. Yes, I am the only person in existence that never bought that system.

An Unreal Championship/Tournament collection would be nice too, just so I could have my precious Unreal Championship 2 re-introduced as something “new” again.

For 360 or pc and have a massive marketing campaign so people play it online…we can dream. Necris characters were broken.

Sometimes with these HD remakes they look alright, but they cheapen out so much, like Raystorm HD for instance. Those assholes just ‘zoom’ in on the game just so that they can get past the 16:9 without doing any work.

I just hope that these guys who do these HD upgrades do so with care, I mean you fucking around with memories of a lot of people that loved the games of old. Got to be careful about that. :nunchuck:

HD collections are great and I can’t wait to pick up God of War: Origins. I do agree it is stupid when they have missing games though, like the Silent Hill “collection” only being Silent Hill 2 and 3. MGS collection missing MGS1 isn’t as bad for me because I own MGS1 in the essentials collection and Twin Snakes, and would rather have Peace Walker.

DMC HD Collection is coming, it’s popped up on some sites already. Man, you owned an Xbox over PS2 last gen? That’s like owning a Wii over a 360/PS3/PC :eek:

I don’t mind at all that Silent Hill 4 wasn’t included. It’s my least favorite of the PS2 entries. I won’t miss it

If anything it’ll let those that missed out on the games experience these games but with the games playing and looking smooth and beautiful on an HD screen.
I for one am looking forward to ZoE Collection. I understand that ZoE 2 is far superior but…I just feel like I gotta experience ZoE 1 first, maybe to get that ye olde early PS2 games feel.