Thoughts on HD re-release "collections"

Overall it’s waaaay too obvious of a money grab. I’m not buying ANY HD re-releases, unless it’s my favorite running series; Street Fighter Alpha Anthology with HD VECTOR TRACING in 1080p, NOT UDON ART. Need for Speed prior to Pro Street, and Tokyo Xtreme Racer.

You all gonna be down for SuperHD re-releases next gen? Resident Evil 4 SHD in 2160p? Uncharted Trilogy SHD?

Fucking stupid, I’m supposed to hand over $40-60 for something that took no effort to make? Also, while upscaling looks better, my Dreamcast looks okay on my TV, and my PS3 plays PS2 just fine. If I REALLY need to play RE4 or other PS2 era game, I’ll just get the real copy for $3 and play it with PS2>PS3 upscaling.

Yes, it is a bit obnoxious, but think about it… it’s gotta be a relatively cheap easy way for game companies to make mo monies. The movie industry has been doing it for years. Re-release a movie after x amount of years, repackage the shit out of it, add something ‘improved’ like remastered video/audio, extra bonus features, and say it’s the special 5 year annivarsary edition! Thank you for buying, and don’t miss out 5 years from now when we re-release this same exact movie yet again for the 6th time, with even newer bells and whistles added.

People that missed out on the earlier release could potentially want to pick up a re-release to see what the fuss is about. And the die-hard fans are gonna buy it just because they have so much love for the game, and accept the fact that they’re getting milked.

zone of the enders HD would be awesome even if they released each game separately, don’t know what you fuckin talking about.

err, they’re just upscaling? fuck that noise. if they actually were HD versions of said games i’d be all the way down, but not for some fucking bullshit upscales.

Here’s my thought: They keep releasing these “HD” games because people are finally realizing that most games this generation fucking suck.

It could be much worse.

They could be releasing 3D collections

This x100

Yo, I need some NECRIS SELKET!!

People get to play games they enjoy in HD, with improved textures, framerates, widescreen, 60 fps. The God of War Collection, for example, is just that much better then the originals that I can’t even go back to them. After seeing it all in 60 fps, the game never hitching and slowing to a crawl like it does in certain PS2 sections? Hellzyeah.jpg

Plus, trophies/achievements! That’s what its all about, right?

No problems with HD collections.
There are many that I missed out on in their original run…like MGS for one.

I wish Koei would do something similar like pick the best Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games…and put them in an HD collection.

I think these remakes are for suckers and a nice way to get chumps to buy your old shit some more. I guess it’s cool if you have never played any of these games but if you own them or have owned them then I think you’re just a sucker if you buy them again.

Don’t like it don’t buy it. It’s pretty simple.

The thing is these games arent difficult to enjoy being not-upscaled.

Going through Metal Gear Solid 2 and I’m having a blast. Shit doesnt even need an HD re-release

Resident Evil 0…that game blew. but yeah, where is Resident Evil 1 remake, cause that’s how you make a remake. Graphics were amazing compared to the original and they added a lot of new content

MGS1 was the only good Metal gear game. Fuck MGS2 and the la li lu le lo.

Do not support buggy quick buck 10yr old collections

Whenever I see this reply, I get the impression that the poster is mad about whatever is posted about, and might be offended that someone doesn’t like it. Like an “Oh yeah!?, Well fuck you!”

But it is the most perfect advice there is toward something you don’t like. Not buying any HD remakes, didn’t buy 3SO, and not buying any other Capcom re-re-re-cash-in’s,(again except the mentioned) or from any other publisher. And it would have to be 2 gens old for me to be remotely interested.

Haha, I admit it does seem that way but that wasn’t my intention. I just think it’s simple, good advice. :rofl:

God of War Collection not including the PSP games pissed me off, but whatever. I got the game for $15.
Ico/Shadow was high in demand.
MGS not including the original = MEH, fuck if I care. It’s on PSN for cheap, and it’s all over Amazon and Ebay for under $10
DMC - Cool?

Meh, I don’t see why there are complaints about it. Every collection that’s come out so far has been a :tup: in my book. I was really hoping for that TGS rumor about the XmenCotA - MvC1 collection, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be out.

I want Viewtiful Joe 1, 2 and Double Trouble (Fuck Red Hot Rumble, that game was terrible) in HD :frowning:

DMC is kinda disappointing in that it’s been demanded for a while and I was hoping to replay the games before Ultimate Marvel. Now that HD has been announced, I’m hesitant, but I know they won’t be out before Ultimate. Bleh.

-My current input on the topic.

It’s really retarded when any HD collection launches without the original IE: MGS otherwise it really isn’t worth it. Shit is a money grab at least pretend to give a fuck.

If it means a better chance of getting proper sequels to some of these games I’m all for it.

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On the contrary, this is not good advice, and you really have to be an idiot or a liar to say otherwise.

It’s pretty obvious that when someone is posting about something that they don’t like that they will not buy it. No one needs to be told not to buy something they don’t like.

So again, either you’re an idiot, or FaceMeAndBeBroKen was right about the motives behind your post, and now you’re just backing out. Take your pick.

Considering the number of people playing SF:IV AE and MvC3, and complaining the whole time, I don’t think that’s as obvious as it seems.

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