Thoughts on iL (Happ) Competition versus Sanwa JLW?


Here’s my scenario. I have a newly acquired cab that takes Happ parts.

I have no beef with Happ. I’ve been around the world of sticks from Happ to the JLF/Optical to the LS-32/40/56. I have two new iL competition sticks on order. They should be here this week.

What I am missing on the Happ stick is the ball top. There was a guy who was supposed to make ball shafts for Happ sticks but it hasn’t come to light as best I am aware.

I was considering getting a pair of JLWs as well for grins. My problem is that these little puppies are hotly debated. The consensus is that they’re subpar compared to the JLF. That’s fine. I’ve played on a JLF plenty.

What I am curious is how it fairs versus an iL competition.

Before you hit reply… I’m only curious how it stacks up against a competition stick. I know that it’s not a JLF. Unless there’s a magical plate for the JLF that lets it mount in Happ holes that isn’t an option.


I’ve never used an iL competition but I do have a stick with a JLW in. I quite like it, it is quite different to a JLF though but not necessarily better/worse. It’s got a stiffer spring in and I use it with a circle gate for playing SF4. One thing to note with the JLW is you kinda have to ride the gate to get it to engage unlike the JLF where you don’t have to go anywhere near and it will register but with a circle gate it’s of no real disadvantage.


iL> JLW. I’ve used JLW’s so much in the past (mainly because they were cheap.) I don’t suggest getting a JLW with a square gate, but they’re okay. Also, it sounds like you want to install a JLF in your MVS cab, is it possible to install one in the CP without routing?


It’s a fairly thin metal control panel. Snap-in buttons would fit were it not for the diameter. I wish I could pay someone to mod a JLW plate for other sticks (if that’s even possible). I haven’t really explored the idea to see how feasible it would be.

What I was ultimately trying to figure out was if it was worth $60 for a pair of JLWs w/circle gates. I may get some regardless after I sale a few things.


I’ve build a case with a iL competition and another with a JLW. I grew up on Happ arcade machines, so I don’t have much problem with the heavy spring thing that so many complain about with Happ sticks. The JLW I have used the circle gate. It’s similar in weight (the iL feels a little heavier) but the engage points tae some getting used to for me. For instance, I’ve got no problems hitting diagonals with the iL, but seem to have trouble with the JLW, especially up diagonal. But charge moves and anything using a back/forward motion is a breeze with the JLW, much more so than the iL.

The nice thing is is you use the stock JLW plate you can swap between the two sticks with no problem (the outer holes in the plate line up with the iL base). As long as you’re not that worried about what height the sticks are.