Thoughts on Labrys?


I haven’t actually picked up the game, but as a huge Persona fan I kind of have to lol. Anyway, I’ve seen a little bit of the new character, Labrys, and I’m damn excited to pick her up. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips for picking her up considering that I’m only a decent fighting game player.


I don’t know enough, but she does a whole lot of damage. Don’t wanna say she’s broken or anything because I have faith that there are ways around her attacks.


Labrys is a great character for “decent” players like us for several reasons. Her level of required execution to play competently is actually really low, though naturally she has some insane tricky and damaging things that take great skill to work as well. She also has a system mechanic, Axe Levels, that directly rewards playing her correctly to put you on the right path. Essentially, whenever she uses her axe, she builds Axe gauge. The more axe gauge, the more damage and hit/blockstun she deals, and at Red level she even gets guaranteed counterhits: she is literally a momentum character.

She has plenty of ways to get in and maintain momentum for the gauge: good range (especially on j.B, which is an important move), a rocket punch that reels her in to the foe, multi-hitting long range persona attacks, and a special trap that can bind foes for a second or two.

Once in, the fun really begins. Cross up with j.B, mix up high lows, and use interesting frame tools like sweepxxA trap and s.C. Finish combos with Guillotine almost always: it does not do much damage in a combo/close range but it builds Axe Level very quickly and knocks them down.
Do whatever it takes to knock them down. From there you can use j.C as a meaty, and either combo from it on hit into knockdown and repeat, or if they block take advantage of the blockstun and go high, low, throw, trap, etc and repeat.

While this relentless knockdown offense is what made me fall in love with her from a gameplay standpoint, she also has the potential to deal absurd amounts of damage quickly. Beast mode is a useful Super to end combos with, but there is a lot more to it. The C version remains largely the same, but the D is incredibly strong at the cost of resetting your axe gauge to 1. Small price to pay, however, for a move that deals 5000 damage in Red Axe, or around 3000 after a good deal of scaling. In fact, it does so much you can KO people before they even reach awakening mode, which is incredibly useful.
Speaking of Awakening, Labrys’ is all right. Breaking Wheel starts up fast and can be comboed after, useful for interrupting. Brutal is more situational, as it takes a long time to hit but you are fully invincible while doing it (great for catching beginners off guard). The payoff is catastrophic damage in your favor, however.

Hope this inspired you to grab the game and play as Labrys. She is criminally underrepresented. Any other questions check out her thread here.

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