Thoughts on launchers in MvC3

Launchers should not be spamable.

Launchers, especially with a game that has a superhero flavor, are haymakers; they knock you way up in the air or slam you down hard, or into the hands of a teammate. You combo into them from your strongest normal attack. They should hit hard and be the slowest move and have a significant recovery. They should feel like haymakers. Missed launchers should be an easy punish. Haymakers should be a risky move if you’re not comboing into it.

Maybe I just haven’t had enough time with it and my timing is off, but here is an example of what seems wrong. At PAX I played a capcom rep, he had obviously spent some time with the game and his strategy seemed to be spam the hell out of the launcher. Most times I tried to punish a blocked launcher, he would hit me with a second launcher before my counter attack landed. That just felt so wrong.

It seems like a lot of moves, special moves, and even supers have very little recovery built into them with MvC3, and maybe this is to make offensive play less risky and therefore make the game faster paced, and that’s fine but the launcher is one aspect that should not get that treatment IMO.


Spam is a scrub word. If he’s just throwing out launcher constantly just block it.
and don’t make threads.

Launchers are not as big of a problem as light attacks are.

This wouldn’t even be an interesting post in the general discussion. What makes you think it warranted it’s own thread?

what the hell are you even talking about

@ Razor: Why are lights a problem? They are light, they are supposed to be thrown with little risk and fast recovery.

@ Dizzy: If something has such a fast recovery that it’s spammable, I’m just supposed to block it?? And since I can’t even counter with light attack after blocking I just… hope he gets tired?

@ Robo: That’s not even a remotely interesting post. What business do you have posting it?

@ Nick: Fear not your powers of literacy my friend. If you really read it and still don’t get it…maybe a more specific question would be helpful…

theres no such thing as “spamming” anything in fighting games. this isnt email

No you’re right, launchers are the end-all. If something can’t be punished on block its unbeatable.

It’s just easier to say “spamming” than “throwing out over and over again as fast as possible without regard.”

It’s not a light attack Dizzy, it’s the strongest normal move. I know we’re both just being assholes to eachother, but do you really think it shouldn’t have a longer recovery than the #3 attack? I think it should hit a lot harder than #3 and have a lot more rec frames.

Push Block.

Jab chains into launcher so it really doesn’t matter.

I think hitting with a jab and chaining into a launcher is very different, and should feel very different from just throwing out the launcher.

Otherwise why have different attack buttons at all?

Is it really even that hard to deal with. If he’s spamming Exchange in your face, then just push block to push him out of range and/or call an assist to punish.

block then beat the next launcher with a special move/hyper combo/assist. That should work if hes just throwing it out without blocking…

This is NOT a “I don’t know what to do” or a “I don’t know how to deal with this move” thread. I didn’t have any trouble winning at MvC3.

This is about game design and balance and feel.

Launchers have a big special effect (launching you, passing you, or slamming you into the ground) and I think they should feel like big KABOOM moves with big recovery times, and be dangerous high risk / high reward moves to do without comboing into them.

That is what superheros fighting should feel like imo. Do you all think so too, or does anyone have a reason they feel differently?

Don’t be dumb. He’s not saying “don’t spam launchers in MvC3,” he’s saying “I don’t like how spammy launchers are in MvC3.”

Dr. B always reads posts before responding. You should too.

i still dont see it, launchers dont seem any “better” than they have been in past games.

They aren’t even special cancel-able now since they are considered a special move themselves.

Hey guys just played street fighter four and tried to punish a jab with a fierce punch but got counter hit i think jabs should be nerfed

by the way what’s “frame advantage”?