Thoughts on leveling up

I think there is alot of talk recently about how to step your game up in 3rd strike and how to make your play better. I wanted to just share some advice from my own experience.

If you are looking to get serious about 3rd strike, I cannot stress enough how important it is to go to an arcade and/or tournaments even if they are on console. I cannot tell you how much this can help your game.

This is comming from a mid level console player for about 3 years on an HRAP who never placed higher than top 5 or 4. I was lucky enough to have a community of people on the EC to learn from constantly. But even then my level of playing never really improved over the last year. I think I kind of hit a wall.

I’m living in Japan right now, and I’ve just recently decided to take 3rd kind of seriously. IE going to an arcade 1 or 2 times a week. It really improves your game to go to an arcade, and the play all types of competition on the arcade version of the game. I really feel like im making serious progress in my gameplay.

So if you like to play 3rd and you want to level up or become a nearly godlike player, I want you to go to an arcade/tournament/ or find some kind of community. Don’t play the computer, Xbox Live, GGPO, or the same friends. Stop looking at vids, frame data, and theory fighter threads. I firmly believe it may be impossible to grasp the feel of the game and how it should be played unless you go to an arcade.

Even if you only go once or twice, you can learn so much. Even if you have a friend who goes to arcades, ask him about stuff. See if you can get him to teach you stuff. Ask questions to people and don’t be a douche with an ego.

Maybe some of this sounds like the recent podcasts that have been posted. But I cannot say enough that if you want to become good you have to play 3rd at an arcade for a certain length of time. Either that or find a community with arcade experience. Go to as many tournaments as you can. And most of all play as much different competition as you can.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone.

There are NO arcades in some parts of the us… Like Ga. None that have 3rd anyway

It’s all about the SLAMMIVERSARY!!!

Wave that American flag Paul. Show them what the gaijins can do.

If you guys can’t go to an arcade then GGPO/p2p is seriously just as good IMO.

People ask me how I level up so fast, and the secret is, I’m like Megaman, you know? Like I beat people and then I learn their powers. Like I fight ken scrubs on Kaillera and after I win it’s like “YOU GOT: WAKEUP SUPER!!!”. That’s why GGPO is so great.

This, I’ve never seen an arcade with 3rd strike in Maryland. I want to get going with the C3 community. Because I live in Maryland, which borders VA. There are a couple things that I fear before going:

Travel, my license got revoked.

Cost, gas to get my ass to VA, venue fees and entry fees.

A crowd of people who are likely to make fun of me because I suck at 3s.

ROFL :rofl: :rofl:

I’m going to use that mentality from now on. BTW: Where did you get that Alex, Megaman and Roll pic? I thought capcom thought sf3 was an abomination? I doubt they would combine the sf3 mascot, with THE MASCOT.

ive never seen a 3rd strike arcade in my life. ive only seena marvel vs capcom 2 and tekken 5 for arcade. my friend plays king of fighter vs Sf or something alot on arcade but other then that i dont know

I’m probably gonna be at today’s C3. 3S doesn’t start till 6 so I got time to head down there. Should probably get going now actually. :lol:

Well…the first 2 issues…can’t help you with that. Life’s a bitch. As far as sucking at 3S though…no one fucking cares. They probably won’t even notice you’re there. Some people from SRK randomly show up and yeah…they just mess around in some casuals and get beat a lot or go 2 and out in the tourney…but it just makes you that less noticeable. You only really get noticed once you start winning matches.

Otherwise the 3S community here is really helpful and we pretty much find it fun to see and help new players get better. Especially since the game hasn’t been getting real big turnouts minus regional events. If we see any chance to get someone new into the tourney scene we’re gonna take advantage of it. Not sit around and make you useless by just making fun of you. As long as you have a decent personality and don’t let your ego get to you…you’ll see yourself making friends and improving. The only people that get laughed at or shunned are the ones who make a bunch of noise the one time they win and then just bitch when they lose. Those kinda people really don’t have a chance any ways.

Why cant we get a scene going in MD instead of having to hop states n shit?

If we could get one going in MD, I could probably get a ride from my fam or a friend. Or take the subway if it’s in baltimore. If it’s crazy shit like Howard county or Montgomery. I can catch a ride, it cant be no more than 30 minutes from where I live.

Not just as good, but its a great alternative.

How good of an alternative it is depends on what kind of offline play you’ve been exposed to. There are two arcades ~15 minutes from my house with Japanese cabs and good players (just trying to illustrate a point). I’ve played online more than most and now I struggle with the arcade timing. That’s right, the way the game was meant to be played feels foreign to me, that’s an embarrassment right there. The main purpose online serves now is to remind myself just how much better and more enjoyable the game is at the arcade. In comparison, nothing else even matters.

Playing people I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to play is fine, but sacrificing the principle of playing 3S how it was intended in the process… that’s still wrong in my book if it impedes your ability to play the right way.

MOD, I agree with your post whole-heartedly and I couldn’t have said it better myself. But I think the question that most people are asking right now is: If you don’t have a strong community or arcade nearby, how can you learn to play at a tournament level?

That is the question that everyone is having a hard time answering. I know that if I moved to Granda Hills and centered my life around 3s and FFA, I would most likely get better. But this is a very distant reality for most people. Like Gootecks said, us 3s players are not made of money, and we can’t just drop everything we’re doing in our lives to devote ourselves to the game. We would like to, but under such circumstances it’s pretty much impossible to do so.

Pyrolee made a very good point in the podcast that I think can be expanded upon. He said that when you’re practicing at home alone, try to master your execution skills because they should never be a problem in real matches. I think that you can take it one step further and see if you can hone/master your own set-ups, poking/distancing games, or anything else that will help you to better understand the mechanics of the game. In general, a player should know the mechanics, details, physics and feel of the game before he even considers how he’s going to play his opponent. I think lonely players should do whatever they can to increase their knowledge of the game (videos, theory fighter, Kaillera, console training, etc.) in order to up their game. But like the original post states, I think the only real way to take your game to a significant level is to move towards good competition.

i would like to play 3s against some better player myself or even in a arcade but thats not a possilbity and its notlike anyone willl move near an arcade and find ppl to play against. but id like to play arcade and against some peoplle

I think 2DF and GGPO could do very well to help those like myself (and the majority of players it seems) who don’t live near a viable arcade. I know of one place that has a 3rd Strike cab, it’s an hour away, and it’s only an arcade if you consider a place akin to chuckie-cheese’s an arcade. No one is ever there, etc. The arcade near me died years and years ago. Arcade simply isn’t an option for many people. The next closest arcade I know is two hours away, I just can’t afford to make a trip like that too often since that trip would cost me ~80 bucks in gas every time.

So I would think if you want to get better, and you don’t live in one of the few places that actually has an arcade scene, and you can’t go to Japan, the best you can do is go to the tournaments near you, and to try to utilize 2DF and GGPO to your advantage as much as possible. It’s never the same as offline, but it’s much, much more than playing by yourself. I think generally these programs have helped, I know a few people who I taught to play the game myself, who leveled up very quickly once they started devoting time to these programs, since they just got experience under their belt.

I totally do… I had no idea that there was a 3s cab that close! Is it in good shape?

I don’t know I went awhile ago, back when I just learning to play on sticks. The cab is in good shape, but the place is seriously a kiddy gameroom, full of ticket spitting games. I’ll try to look up where it was again, but really I wouldn’t bother, it was like the only fighting game there, and had I not made plans beforehand to meet up with someone there would have been no one to play. We would have done better just to go to someone’s house, since there were no new people to meet or play. (It seriously was me and three others guy I planned to meet there. We were the oldest people in the game area by a lot.)

That’s ok. I have plenty of people to bring for that. Do they have pizza? Is it that chuckee cheese related? I have a son who is 2 1/2 and I could totally take him and my wife would let me out all day since I’m taking him somewhere like that

are you talking about that place in atlanta with the arcades overworld? i forget the name. i havent been to chuckie chesses in ages and i havent seen any arcade there. just a bunch of games.

I would totally organize a lot of people showing up there for a throw together casual set if there is pizza too. That would be worth it to me since it’s like 20 mins away

hmm of course it may be 2 different chucky chesses but idk. it would be fun.
the place i was thinking about was underground btw.

Sorry to derail.

But I went there years ago, so I don’t really remember, it wasn’t in Atlanta. It seemed to have go carts and putt, putt. It was American sticks, they were in okay condition. It was a long way to go for no comp though. If you have to bring people, I’d much rather just chill at someone’s house.

Used to be a 3S cab at North Point, and you could actually meet new people and get comp, but if all you have is the friend that rode in the car with you, I don’t see the point.

I’ll keep trying to dig up the name, it just doesn’t occur to me at all.