Thoughts on macros


My friend was recently telling if that it’s “cheap” to use macros in sf4 or sf3 and by macros i mean putting grab to one button. Keep in mind i am using a controller and half the time i try to grab by using lp+lk it’s unresponsive. What are you thoughts on that? Should I stop using grab with one button in sf4 and sf3 or is it acceptable?


Let him go die. If you are comfortable using the macros and they are a part of the game he has no business complaining.


Makes no difference. I have Focus Attack on L-Trig.

Isn’t there a thread on the matter?


Personally, I believe that macros takes the “arcade” feel out of the game, and makes it more user-friendly. I’m not saying that macros are for noobs or anything of that nature; I just miss the good old days when pulling off difficult combos in certain fighters felt soo…rewarding, but w/ macros, it seems more like a bread and butter combo [i.e. roman cancelling, king’s chain-throws, etc.].


I think when you play the game on a pad that feel is mostly gone anyway :3


those aren’t macros… they’re hotkeys allowed by the game, so tell your friend he’s an idiot


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whats is this world coming to…


The thing is @DeadlyRave-Neo i am not using macros for specials i see it the same way any one would use a macro for ppp on the controller. I am fine with the joystick it’s hell of a lot easier with a joystick but with a controller it’s unresponsive.


There is a huge, huge difference between mapping PPP or KKK to a controller and using macros to say put a SPD or fireball to to a button.


That’s what i am saying i am not mapping fireball to the controller i am just changing the input in game that allows me to put l2 as grab.