Thoughts on my MvC2 stick w/ Sanwa JLW and snap-ins

I just finished building my MvC2 stick. I had built one a couple years ago using a Happ Competition stick and pushbuttons, but I lost that stick a long time ago. This time around I wanted to make a smaller box and for that I needed the compact size of Sanwa parts. Plus the fact that balltop sticks are “glossy” colored instead of the rubbery-plastic look of bat top sticks.

Growing up on Happ and learning MvC2 on Happ, I wanted to simulate a Happ setup with my Sanwa parts. So I went with the less popular American button layout, and the less popular Sanwa JLW. I chose the JLW so I could get the circular gate for it, so it would feel like my old Happ competition. I had never used an octagonal or square gate, but the idea of them sounded insane to me, so I wanted to stick with what I knew. Circular.

Well I’m not sure if it’s just my rustiness (haven’t played MvC2 in years), the JLW, the circular gate, or if it’s the sensitivity of the pushbuttons… but I am having trouble triangle jumping and even things as simple as good ol’ AHVBs. I think it’s a little of all of the above, though it seems tough to hit diagonals on the JLW. Maybe it’s the circular gate. Or maybe I just have to get used to how these Sanwa parts differ from the Happs I used to use. The sensitivity of the buttons makes it almost hard to hit two punches/kicks at exactly the same time, compared to the Happs.

shrug Like I said, just my thoughts on the whole thing.

Pics of stick later. =p

I had the same problems with the buttons when I first switched over from Happ to Sanwa. I also found myself hitting buttons by accident because they were so sensitive. And the fact it doesnt have that microswitch click like Happs didn’t help either when trying to press multiple buttons at the same.

You just need to get used to it. But once you do you will be glad you did :tup:

After playing with it some more and upon closer inspection, I’ve figured out that rustiness aside, it IS indeed partially the stick’s fault. My JLW with circular gate is quite hard to hit diagonals with. As I slowly rotate the stick around the edges, listening for clicks, the 4 cardinal directions have a noticeably larger area than the diagonals. The worst part is, the lower left diagonal is even a SMALLER area than the other three diagonals.

I might try to bend the little switches to see if I can adjust this, and I’m gonna try putting the square gate back on there and see if that helps. I haven’t even tried using the square gate since I just assumed I wouldn’t like it.

Paik, you say you like the JLWs with circular gates. Do you find the diagonal areas to be painfully small?

(This is CT). Here is a quick sketch I did in MSPaint to show the areas where the directions register. It may be slightly exaggerated.

Top left, top right, and bottom right are all smaller than left, up, right, and down. But bottom left is smaller than all of them.