Thoughts on Omega Fei?

I haven’t been able to thoroughly test him out, but here’s some initial observations in the Lab and also playing a bit online.


[] New Specials (Ryuogeki and Shoenryu) make it easy to juggle to U1
] Ryuogeki and Shoenryu break armor
[] EX Rekka juggles
] Can combo into Lk Chicken Wing, leading to (soft?) knockdown (I’ll have to double-check)


[] DP motion for Ryuogeki makes it harder to OS Rekka in Footsies, i.e., walking forward to OS Rekka makes Ryuogeki come out. Yoga Flame or reverse Yoga Flame input for Ryuogeki would have been much nicer
] Chicken Wing changed to old ST motion; expect to jump forward HK a lot at first
[] Rekka timing is way harder - almost impossible to frame trap or hit confirm.
] It is very difficult to Rekka through regular Focus Attack, i.e., do a second Rekka if you see a focus attack charging during the first
[*] EX Rekka (1) and EX Rekka (2) may now be unsafe (I’ll try and confirm in the next few days)

[] Overhead seems to be faster, but covers less distance
] Mk Chicken Wing has a more vertical trajectory; I whiffed the DP>FADC>Mk Chicken Wing juggle
[*] Hk Chicken Wing has a shorter arc. I think EX lost invincibility, as well (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

While his new specials are cool and allows him to juggle to U1 in a variety of ways, the changes to Fei’s Rekka timing and Chicken Wing inputs make him weaker overall. His new specials - Ryuogeki and Shoenryu - can juggle to U1, but they look like they can be easily punished if poorly spaced. Not sure why Capcom decided to screw his Rekkas yet again. The general mechanics of the Rekka in Omega are horrible; it totally changes his game in neutral. Who knows? Maybe Capcom wanted Fei to be a more RTSD type character now.

Further testing definitely needs to be done.

Some other stuff that I found:

Both cr. lk and cr. lp have maybe more push back. You can only do like two light normals before canceling out unless you do a jump in.

Rekkas leave the opponent closer on the third hit.

Far st. mp is cancelable now, and cr. mp has more frame advantage on hit. So you can do cr. mp, far st. mp xx special.

Twd + hk, cr. lp link seems easier.

There are some things I observed at least.