Thoughts on Poison after Day 1 USF4?



Zoning is strong.
Good AAs.
Easy combo in U1.
Amazing EX moves.
Normals are OK…


Wat? All her AA either whiff or trades most of the time, even her SRK which has a very limited range. How do you AA? She can’t really throw FB at footsie range either. Recovery is amazing but startup is terrible.

Terrible combo damage! For such an easy to play character she’s pretty hard to win with unless the opponent is scared to death of jumping. Too early to tell but she seems to be the weakest of the new characters. That said it doesn’t oook like she has any terrible matchups either.


C.HP is damn good AA.


not really. u have to do it late. as i said, i was EXTREMELY surprised to see that her whip is not actually her hit box… her normals are very strange


You need to mix up her AA’s. Far roundhouse is good against far jumps, far Strong is nice against dive kicks, roundhouse uppercut is good against floaty ass jumps(Elena). Late C.Fierce is also good. She doesn’t have 1 godlike button to anti air but taken together she has solid AA options.


I’ve had good success pretty much just using C.HP.
I do agree though, I’m disappointed her normals are shorter than what looks like they should be.
The uppercut though, that thing feels awful to me.


Here are my thoughts: I actually think she’s pretty technical. She seems shoto-esque, but she can’t really flowchart fireballs into anti-air DPs because her DP goes entirely vertical. Her AAs, as stated, are situational. She seems like one of those characters like Chun who will have to approach each matchup differently. She can play a stun game but only against certain characters due to her high stun combos being character specific. She can outzone a lot of characters, but Juri, Akuma, and Sagat give her a bit of trouble there. She can rush down characters, but not if they have too many good reversal options. She has trouble with divekick/crossup divekick pressure. Her rekkas can be jab punished so she has to space them. Her corner pressure is unreal and her fireballs are even better for lockdown than they are for zoning. Her reset game is pretty good since you follow up ex.rekkas with crossup/low/overhead all of which lead to ex rekkas again. Her backdash is godlike.

TL;DR: A+++++++ would buy from again
(Solid B tier imho)


I’ve been using her cr.hp and I have not traded in any situation. I also think its best to almost always have a fireball on screen to force your opponent to be positioned to jump into the cr.hp.


Mid tier. Has below par walk speed. Has good fireballs but bad start up on them. Has an awkward AA game. Has weak normals and combos. Needs to rely on a lot of frame pressure.


I agree with most. She seems mid-tier…not high mid, just mid.

It’s kinda early to get any real read on her though. Everyone is so jumpy and eager to do combos that there’s no real feeling out process or footsie game going on in 99% of the matches we play. Once everyone is done “trying stuff out”, we’ll get a real feel of where she is.


I played a few games with her last night and had trouble with strong zoners like Sagat.

I like her fireball, even if only to cover the flip kick (which landed a good few sneaky hits).

Her vertical kick (kissed by a goddess) didn’t appeal to me at all at first, but it’s growing on me.

These are just my early impressions. I am by no means a highly experienced player, just an enthusiastic amateur who favours this type of character (flexible with a slight leaning towards power).


I expected this mixed response… just gotta keep on playing and figuring out Poison. :slight_smile:


I picked her up yesterday after tiring of the changes with Dee Jay. I have to say, she’s a nice change of pace. Good normals, fireball could be a little better but it works. DP is annoying but its a change I’ll get used to. She’s a lot of fun and I’ve decided to main her. Just need another to cover her bad match-ups. I was thinking either evolving my first main Guy, Cody, Elena, or Decapre.


She has options and decent pressure with a quick AA but they’re just not… ‘great’ you know? I love the character too much to care about that though. Just got to keep on that grind!


She needs better walk speed and a little more range on her chicken wings


I am liking her so far. I find myself playing more a zoing game with fireballs and then a heavy mixup pressure game when I can get it. I was expecting to play her more like Fei but I don’t find her normals and Rekkas are really up for that. As other people are saying her AA options are weird. DP seems real unreliable so i’m experimenting for the best uses for her other options.


She is a dirty man!
Feels like a KOF character. Slow move speed, but fair. fuck it, they should have made her faster


So do it late. ???
Late isn’t bad.
Sims knee aa is late, still good.


Sims knee has an amazing hitbox


Cr.hp is godlike if you know the timing, I’ve been using it as my go to anti air for almost every thing including divekicks etc. and as stated you have to do it a bit late.

Her mix up game seems pretty interesting but I have a hard time setting it up. Most of the I’ve been playing a more zoning heavy game with her, and when I finally find an opening try to go nuts with the mix ups.

Stun output seems really good as well.