Thoughts on Sam Sho Atomiswave

I asked some folks on the street what they though about SNK going back on their promise of Hi-Res sprites for Sam Sho AW, and this was their reply:

(by givequicheachance)

That is pretty fucking nice. :tup:

Glad someone liked it…

I’m working on a Cham Cham right now that should be done in around Wednesday/Thursday, and then I’m not sure what I’ll move on to.

I want that green bastard back in the game.

Here here!

Gen-an was the first char I played when SS first came out, and when I think of Sam Sho, Gen-an is still the first char that comes to mind.

Gen-an has so much fucking personality! I can’t get enough of his “scratch my ass” and “babies popping out” win poses from SS2.

Yeah I always remembered something about him turning the opponent into hamburger as one of his win quotes I think. He and Galford were my first too, there was a sam sho and a World heroes I think it was machine at my stop n go years back.

cough cough

could you hook me up… i’d give hella props to you on it.

Sure dude, when I’m done with it, do whatever you want with it…so long as you give me those hella props.

hella hella hella hella hella hella hella props yo!

Better late than never, right?

[indent][indent] [indent]RIGHT![/indent][/indent][/indent]
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What steps do you take when creating a sprite from scratch? Also, can you make a Basara sprite next?

Well, I start by taking a low-res sprite.
Then I blow it up to 400%.
Then I generally make it about 50% transparent so I can better see what I’m doing.
I then draw outlines pixel by pixel in a new layer.
Then I shade it in using the lighting/shadows already on the original sprite.
Then I post it here, and wait for people to tell me how great they are.
Then I keep waiting…
Then I give up, sad.

And as for Basara, if I do another one antime soon, I will, but they take about 4-6 hours to do, and I don’t have a lot of free time at my computer these days. I only finished that last one up because I did promise it, and felt bad about not delivering.