Thoughts on Seimitsu LS 32's Stock Restrictor/Gate?


Thoughts on Seimitsu LS 32’s Stock Restrictor/Gate? How does it feel compared to like the JLF’s square and octagonal gates?


Uh - let’s see…it’s square? :rolleyes: Seriously, it’s a plastic square that guides the stick in a square pattern, just like the square gate on a JLF. I’ve used both, and they don’t “feel” any different to me. Any difference in feel you may or may not attribute to the gate component most likely is a result of the different feel of the stick as a whole, and not the gate itself, in comparison to a Sanwa JLF.

Watch some psychotic frame-counting SF tourney player come in here and contradict me.

And what was wrong with including this live-journal-esque musing in your other, nearly identical thread you just posted, in which you ask about these two exact same sticks?


i was looking at the stock restrictor plate on the ls 32 and it looks to me that it looks more like a square with small curves/grooves almost like a octagonal gate.

This thread was more about the gate and the other was more on general preference of stick. i thought id get more specific responses if i broke them up into two threads