Thoughts on taskmaster A/ dormammu A/ wesker B


hello im new here and didn’t see a proper place to post this and so i thought id put it here
well this the team im mainly using and want peoples opinion on the teams synergy also i want peoples opinions because i have been considering dropping wesker for doom so input is really appreciated


I use the same team, although I order it Wesker/Dorm/Task.
Wesker with Taskmaster horizontal arrows does a lot of chip damage on block and puts the opponent in a lot of hitstun allowing for decent teleport mix ups. Dorm dark hole assist can also be used to relaunch with Wesker. Wesker is a better candidate for lvl 3 x-factor than taskmaster but I still have more success with this order. Starting taskmaster you can try to do unblockables using Wesker gunshot but otherwise it seems like a dangerous assist call outside of combos. Dorm also benefits, even in midscreen combos, from Wesker assist as it allows a relaunch. Taskmaster arrows can also be used for relaunch in the corner.

I don’t play doom but his assists seem to make more sense if you really want to start taskmaster as hidden missiles can lock the opponent down while arrows are doing lots of chip damage.