Thoughts on team


I havent been playing umvc3 against alot of people but i pretty much know what the brb of alot of characters and such. Been playing against computer and training mode, not much experience with an actual player but when i did, he says my team is really good. The synergy isnt really there, but the mix up it has can get people until they know how to play against them.

Team: C. Viper/Spencer/Strider Hiryu

Need criticism, positive or negative, i just want to know and see if i can improve on team. Any suggestions will do.


imo it is a good team, but the biggest problem is that you don’t really have a safe dhc unless you want to spend 3 meters to get to strider’s legion. Each character is strong in their own respect but what assists are you using on the team


Spencer - slant grapple
Strider- vajara
Viper - seismic hammer