Thoughts on tourney players getting copies of games earlier than us.


Do you care or nah


…to you too.


Which squigga deleted my post

Some 2017 shit right there



Infinity is trash anyway.


Chill with that shit, we get enough of that bull shit with Po drinking more haterade than the FDA allotted daily requirements


This is GD.

People making FG threads in here deserve all the shit we care to give them.

AND all the shit Cacpcom gives them as well.

As such, Infinite is quite topical.


Hence why I got Betty White, Snoop Dog, Johnny Cash and Jesus Christ giving the finger.
Fuck FG threads in GD. Still Po not here, lay off the Capcom hate. We already have enough with PO going off like the fucking Tourettes guy


Wait, why the fuck we got two Threads on the same topic?

@Pertho Looks like we got double threads.


Thoughts on tipping @Raz0r?



But is trash, actually a huge dump of smelly shit.


me and my friends entered a tournament about a decade ago, they held two of these tournaments and each winner got a copy of the game which was available a week before release. we entered the second one and was told that the winner of the first one already had a copy of the game (which is why he won easily) and still got given it anyway, what made it worse is still he entered the second tournament, I beat him in the finals but the organiser found out I didn’t have the console it was on so he kept it for himself



[details=Spoiler]to you, OP



Not even the tip.


Tipping is for assholes.

People wanting a 20% tip just for pouring a cup of coffee? Motherfucker, stop.


I kind of feel with the dumb assholes that bought and love MvC:I.
It’s kinda like having an ugly ass girlfriend. Can you imagine everybody making fun of you for the next couple of years because the thing you love is fucking hideous?


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