Thoughts on wolverine's origin

Adam warlock seems to believe that it was a shitty series/thing to do. what do you all believe.

Its one of those things that was so built up around the character, that you knew IF they ever did an origin story, some people would like, many would hate. I mean we’ve been dancing around the background for like 30+ years, and we have gott slivers here and there. Different writers have added their 2 cents. It gets to the point where marvel almost had to do an origin because there have been so many pieces, that it was time to see if they could actually fit them together before it got even more muddled.
i personally thought the story was good, but even after i read it i was thinking “oh this is like a one shot thing”. like it still doesn’t seem like that was his origin. I know it is…but the mystery is such a part of wolverines character, that it will be years before i feel its common knowledge that logan’s name is james and all that crap.

I am of the opinion that Wolverine is much cooler when you know less about him. The fact that his past is a blank to him is one of the crucial elements of his character that has been eroded more and more over time by well-meaning but misguided writers and editors. It’s one of those mysteries better left unsolved.

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Now are you absolutely sure that you are not talking about Carpet Lint? His hatred of that book is legendary, see above post. :rofl:

Personally I liked it a lot. They answered some questions but left some of them open. I think that is the best way to handle mysterious characters like him. Take Gambit, once they answered everything about him everyone stopped caring about him. As for Wolvie, we still don’t know who exactly Wolverine’s father is. Was it Mr. Howlett or was it Logan? Or did his healing factor make him grow up to look like Logan? Was Dog Sabretooth? Well the dog/Sabretooth thing has been ruined by Jeph Loeb along with the character Sabretooth…

The little twist on James being Wolverine shocked everyone when they read the second issue, I remember that was all everyone was talking about for days!

Loved the artwork, Kubert’s penciling was so good it swapped out the inking on the book. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that effect. Such a thing with painting and the old color dot system of old makes that seem impossible because it would cover up the penciling easy. Pretty amazing what they do with computers nowadays, if that is the way it was colored, I’d faint if they actually painted it and kept the pencil line visible! Such a beautiful looking piece of work.

For some reason I did see Wolvie clawing that fake Jean Grey in the stomach a mile away, well that’s the way he kills everybody just about. As soon as she got in the middle of the fight I was like oh no she is going down like Tomoe in Rurouni Kenshin. :rofl:

Though I did feel it wasn’t finished, like it needed a sequel - there was still lots of things left unanswered, I mean if you go by Wolvie’s Marvel Universe bio you can piece his life together for yourself. A continuation other than Wolverine The End which I didn’t quite enjoy would of been nice.

At the very least they are giving away lots of tidbits of his past in Wolverine Origins which seems like a spiritual successor. Still, that book needs a lot more Japan and Canada and a lot less America. I’m not as interested in how much Uncle Sam screwed him over but Japan and Canada, now that’s the story. BLAME CANADA! BLAME CANADA! Ah I’m sure more of the Canadian back stabbing is coming.

Pretty good time for Wolverine right now, especially with Loeb off the book PEEEEACE! His last issue was great. GO LOGAN! I still wish Marvel would give him back his cigars and his Harley - OH NOOS WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! PS: Kids don’t read comics. If you get cancer and fall of a motorcycle because you are not wearing a helmet and you are inspired by Wolverine and you can’t understand that he has a healing factor and an adamantium skeleton you diserve to die, GGPO. :badboy:

^Also enjoys ducktales. Keep that in mind when reading his post.

EDIT: and purchases OriginS (yes with an S) for fuck’s sake.

who doesnt enjoy ducktales…you hating on disney afternoon?

The comic book.

Also, Origin sucked. Like Good Mourning said, the less you know, the better.

Lol Don Rosa’s Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck won an Eisner Award so I got the industry to back me up. Duck Tales wouldn’t even exist if not for Carl Barks who’s comics they based the entire thing on, swapped out Donald Duck with either Launchpad or Gizmoduck so he wouldn’t overshadow the entire cast and there you go, 40 year old stories = Instant cartoon hit. Don’t be hatin’ on Unca Soooooge! :rofl:

Uncle Scrooge comic book origin > Wolverine comic book origin. Bet it! :tup:

This still wont change the fact Halloween is going to suck.

I know we’ve gone off topic a bit, but, um, seriously, WHAT? :looney:

This is only true because of the larger more general corollary law of comics, which is as follows…

x > Origin

Where x belongs to the set which includes any piece of literature that mankind has ever produced or discovered since Johann Gutenberg invented the metal movable type printing press back in 1440.

Didn’t know it won an Eisner though. Hahaha.

Origin would have been much better if Liefield did the artwork. The product of two negatives is positive right?

Ah yea that didnt make much sense now looking at it as a single post, this agruement about wolverine actually started in the Halloween remake thread over in GD.

Basically you take a character who has mystery to him and explain him and make him human? Im sure Myers falls under slasher roll and he cant be killed like freddy and Jason ah Im going off topic again lol.

anyway its true the more mystery and un answered questions always adds to a character, once you know everything you stop caring.

Ha ha I don’t know about the Halloween origin messing Mike Myers up but Rob Zombie said it wouldn’t be a gore fest so count me out. I want to see some long intestines drapped on the floor Texas Chainsaw Masacre remake style if not I could care less.

Halloween movie I want to see is who the hell freed Mike Myers from jail at the end of part 4, or was it 5 I forget, the shadow with the gun. I guess it’s up there with how did Jason get out of being buried under Toxic Waste when he went to NY or what ever happened to Freddy Krueger’s Dream Child…

I honestly don’t see how Wolverine Origin messed Wolverine up, they didn’t answer hardly anything about his past. What, from a child to a teen? The guy’s been in WW1, that’s nothing. Gambit is the one who really got ruined because they told you every freaking thing about him, even removed the possibility of him being the third Summers brother, mystery is gone that’s why no one is bothering with his past. Meanwhile Wolverine has an entire series now based on his past. On top of all that he’s still popular enough to be a New Avenger, a slew of books a month, star of a bunch of movies, etc. I honestly don’t think that one story messed up the character forever… if anything Loeb’s done much more damage this year but I’m going off on a tangent…

In many ways ditto for Rob Zombie’s movie. It’s a remake. Ignore it if you want to. Now if it was a retcon of the first movie or worked within the universe of the other Halloween movies that’s different, but it isn’t.

Still, does being so evil hell doesn’t want you need an explanation? :confused:


Ha that is my fav Jason movie, thats the one where he punches the black kid head off right?

lol “Take your best shot” wack head flys off into dumpster god that scene made me roll.

Shit I need to watch all those freddy/myers/jason movies again, classic horror.

Those guys dont need explaining, they just are what they are.

Yeah man Jason’s body got all devoured by toxic waste and next thing you know his body’s intact in a slab for Jason’s Dead. Shrug I’m sure I’m thinking way more about this than the people behind these movies lol! I still want to know who the heck was that shadowy figure that released Mike Myers from jail… I always figured that the Dream Child was that stupid kid who lost his memory in the Final Nightmare ah there I go thinking way too much again… I would at least love it if some of the horror comics touched upon this stuff but it’s just the ol’ random they show up and kill people wash/rinse/repeat in the comics I’ve seen… :wasted:

Halloween was never a good gore franchise. The only good entry in the series is the first one, and that was because it was legitimately suspenseful and played things rather straight.

For an old-school slasher movie with hilarious kills and absolutely no other merit whatsoever, go with Friday The 13th… whichever one it is when he traps the kid in the sleeping bag and kills her by beating the bag against a tree a bunch of times.

Uh, yeah. Anyway. Wolverine.

None of the big three horror franchises are good. Each one got stupid after a few sequels. All had some ups, some downs but were never quite the same.

Freddy Krueger got the worst becomming a cartoon character, but at least they had some elements of horror in A New Nightmare. Still I honestly think the character was ruined when you could see his face clearly. That to me was why he was so scary in the first movie. You could only see some of his face most of the time and what you saw was all burned up. That joint gave me nightmares when I was a kid…

I guess for that Freddy will always be my favorite even if they tuned him into the horror equivalent of Bugs Bunny down the line…

I liked New Nightmare. I’m not a huge Freddy fan, but I liked the first Elm Street flick, which introduced the cerebral element that horror hadn’t much touched upon yet–that toying with the line between reality and nightmares can be just as scary as having zombies or killers after you. And, of course, New Nightmare took it a step further and introduced the element of meta-fiction.

The problem is that most horror films, even the good ones, explore the bulk of their potential the first time through. Yeah, Halloween ends with the heroine barely winning and the killer escaping, but that only means that a sequel is possible–not that it should be done. Halloween II didn’t have anything good to add, so it compensated with shock value that isn’t especially shocking, and suspense that isn’t suspenseful. And Halloween III… it was like gagging on pubes while being forced to inhale diarrhea fumes.