Thousand Oaks GGXX#R - 04/09/05 Results

Those of you who are missing items please refer to the bottom of this post.

Awesome turn-out. Total of 32 players entered the tourney. Lots of new faces, surprising amount of talent. Great stuff.

In some instances, I was unsure or totally ignorant of what character was used by who. Please feel free to correct me if I have mis-represented your primary and or secondary character focus.
(primary, secondary (if any))

2 ID (Sol, Eddie)
3 ChaoticBlue (Jam, Johnny)
4 Max (Jam)
5 SoL (Potemkin)
5 render (Johnny)
7 TDO (Slayer)
7 Def1n1tely (Millia)
9 Purrin (May, Robo-Ky)
9 SPRINT/VormavPrime (Dizzy)
9 Jo (Johnny)
9 ChaoticRed/RoboSol (Jam)
13 AYB (Bridget)
13 BLT (Baiken, Zappa)
13 DASH (Sol)
13 Sir Phobos (Baiken)
17 shift (Johnny)
17 Cotton Mouth (Potemkin)
17 DEF (Eddie)
17 Urzakor (Baiken?)
17 Rex (Baiken, Anji)
17 Hattori Hanzo (May)
17 Dr. Stormlocke (Robo-Ky)
17 COMBO MONSTER/RyuKnightZephyr (Anji)
25 Zukini Man (??)
25 Tritan (??)
25 Nocturnal (Venom, ??)
25 Tuy (May, ??)
25 IQ (??)
25 BakaBlitz (Bridget, Millia)
25 Brian (Sol)
25 Pignutz (Eddie)

Team Tournament:

1 Team RUM - BakaBlitz

Thanks ID, for making me a loser in GG and in life. :clap: haha Thanks COMBO FIEND for the kind words. We have to play, man!

Thanks to all the guys (and girl!) I played.

Nice matches, Stormlocke! I hope we can play again soon!
You too, Jo. Playing your Johnny is too fun! XD

Def1n1tely, I have GOT to play you more. I can’t touch your Millia.

One component(?) cable - looks to be for a VCR. Mizerable, is this yours?

One cell phone - we checked the contacts list on it, and saw “Cary”, so we suspect it belongs to BakaBlitz. Please verify.

One awesome jacket - looks to be part of Def1n1tely’s slick-ass wardrobe, but we can’t be sure. It’s tan with green trim.

One leather PDA case. Urzakor’s? Maybe one of the SLO players’?

If any of this stuff is yours, please contact me by PM, or my cell phone at 805 284 2530. You can either come pick it up, or I can arrange to meet you at some later date or event.

Again, good stuff, everyone. Let’s start thinking about where we can start holding tournaments from here on out, cuz we can’t do it at my place anymore. Thanks for making the last one count!

To all those who missed out on this tournament. You REALLY missed out, this was by far a great tournament and even after we had so many fun casuals. IF you were anywhere in SoCal then I am sorry about your luck for whatever reason.

Had so much fun we gotta set up another tournament date.

good stuff everyone, especially Sam (SoL) for showing me just why Slayer vs. Pot is 3-7, and for being absulutly insane with TKing those nets with Testament.

Purrin for wacky May zanyness in casuals.

The Doctor (you know who you are) for just insane Robo-Ky, i cant combo that fucker at all, he’s too fucking fat!

good casuals to everyone i played, and remember… TO SPACE!

Man, what’s with you render? I was a B.L.T. sandwich (Bacon loves tatami) with a little Zappa on the side. Che. The only thing I hated about this tournament was the fact that my group had to leave so soon after. Great games to everyone. Work that Youzansen, phobos. Oh, and check your mailbox, Render. 3/4 of those items have an owner who is very far away.

yeah, that cell is mine…

That sucks. =\

Good games all, especially jo (almost ALMOST!!!), josh, purrin, render, max’ crew (though I never got to play max), baiken, and kev! <3

kev: thanks for the pick-me-up, I do admit I get down easy… your hair was sexy as always.

vormav: thanks for teaching me way of fox in smash. Sheik is slow ;(

S. baiken: Bring that sake next time! I need more members. Team RUM will stagger into EVO in full stupor, it’s a promise!


edit - I say we should definitely find a place to hold the next few tournies pronto.

its not a promise but ill try and make it to the next one fellas. i did get a stick so im not using my s-type anymore. i havent been practicing much so plz play gentle with me. and one more thing, i need a few rematches with the guys i played in lancaster and jo to, and anybody who plays pot.

Yeah Kaymizzle I wanna throw down with your Potemkin again, I wanna see if I can still hang with you man! heheh maybe make my dollar back in a money match.

Nocturnal was throwing some ideas up in the air about having the next tournament at his place, so I either think you should ALL come out to Lancaster again or we do something with Kuro’s idea with the 25 dollar hotel room!

Plus if anyone has a long drive we got enough of Lancaster crew to house a few people who wanna stay the night. So any ideas guys?

EVeryone’s favorite Anji player here. Even though I was thoroughly stomped by TWO JAMS and knocked out mighty early by the 3rd and 4th place people, I had a great time. I played many a fun casual and seeing all of the May players excited me beyond words as I’ve been planning on picking her up for awhile now. It was fun to see her used well, especially by Purrin. My new Lord and Master.

Thanks again to Render for offering up his mommy’s pad :stuck_out_tongue: Just playing, I really appreciate that your mom and you were patient enough to have this as many times as you did.

On an opposing note, damn you Render. Damn you for seducing me into coming with the promise of Guilty Gear satisfaction. Damn you for making me come to the realization that I live in the ugliest part of the entire state. God, it’s so damn beautiful down there and so damn horrifyingly lifeless and barren where I live.

Adopt me you sexy ex-baseball playing “Genius of the Sport”. Yeah that’s right, I read all your damn trophies and junk in the bathroom. Traitor. Gamers don’t exert physical effort for anything minus gaming, especially not silly sports. I’ll forgive ya though, just cause I can’t say no to that face.

I’ll have to agree with Render, I can’t touch your damn Millia but I can’t really touch ANY Millia’s. Damn Millias, first time I’ve played any skilled ones was this tourney. I’ll have to study your Rhapsody video, you will be your own un-doing!

I volunteer Vormav’s house for any and all future tournaments. Regardless if he knows or agrees. Any day, every day. GG urge? Drive down to Vormav’s, day or night. He’ll be there, he has no job and he’s home all the time anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Just kiddin Vormav, I guess you leave the house SOMETIMES…everything else was the truth. And he’s gay. I’m hyper.

Well I just finished grabbing a GG Hentai Typing Game so I’m going to do what I love to do best with hentai. See how fast I can type in tune to it. Or…something. Okay I lied, go away.

This tourney was great! There was a huge turnout this time around. Thanks to render for hosting again!

Jo: Thanks for driving, you’re a god damn beast!

Josh: GGs again, OMG Robo-Ky is so cheap!

Mizerable: Good seeing you again, man. Your avatar on is sick, haha. :karate:

TDO: You’re a beast. I think everyone at the tourney caught a little case of Sirphobia, thanks in part to you. :rofl:

Vormav: GGs in casual man, your Dizzy is getting way too good. :tup:

GGs to everyone I played in the tourney! All of the SoCal #R players get better every time I see you. Slow down guys, I can’t catch up!

I wish I would’ve played more games after the tourney, but I was hella tired, and after shift beat me down really bad a few times in casual, I had enough. :rofl:

Time to my post my respects/insults!

First off, a million thanks from me to render for holding another awesome tourney. It’s too bad that we probably won’t get to play at your mom’s place for a while, because it was always damned fun. Tons of thanks to your mom as well for letting us all in and just kick back. It’s always great playing with the SB Crew. So…

SB Crew - render and shift. Your Johnny skills seem too much for me. I don’t know how I can even manage against you guys since you guys feel like you’re on another level from me. render, your Johnny’s combos are always sexy to watch and shift, your air throws get on my nerves but I love them to death. I’ll try to practice before the next tourney I go to so I can actually hang with you beasts. TDO, thanks a lot for that invinci-Slayer practice. I loved every second of it, even though I would never block that 2K low. Awesome shit. TO SPACE, I SAY! We gotta play more.

Team WALK - Lunch was good, despite the fact that Eric’s driving almost had me kick it back up. You’re insane in driving and your Dizzy went all Japanese on my ass. It was great (so was that Justice mirror match; DESTROYED!). Tons of fun playing you as usual. I guess we both let out our extremely crazy personalities. So comfortable around you guys now. Robo Sol, my divorcee, I can’t believe how much better you got since the last time I played you. Haha, I’ll have to get you next time!! I don’t think I played Chad, but it was still fun kicking back with you too. Funny jokes. Fuckin’ Eric! I can’t believe I forgot the other guy’s name, though! I feel so crappy, but he’s a real cool guy too. I hope to see all of you again at the next tourney.

Def1n1tely/Sir Phobos - I hope I got you guys pumped up! We’ll always have the drive toward Thousand Oaks. I can’t believe that cop put a cockblock on my driving, though. What a buttslut. Thanks for putting up with my music. Good stuff beating me in the tourney, Josh. At least I went out in style. :wink: Matt, uh, sorry about the no food D: I really fucked up. My bad. I’ll make it up to you next time and buy you lunch.

Dr. Stormlocke/Nocturnal - I didn’t get to play you guys that much. D: Stormlocke, you robo-beast, I still can’t get that match you had out of my head. It went so bad at the end. Ah well. I hope you really gave it your best. We only played once, though, I was hoping to get in more games with you to get a feel of your offline Robo. Maybe next time. Jaime, we didn’t play much either. You had a good Johnny, haha. I loved it.

Max and the gang - I’ve never seen you peeps before, but you gotta keep in touch or somethin’! It was fun talking smack with people around (and when render wasn’t at home yet; I think that was the best part of the whole night). FUCKING KY! I swear, but it was fun you guys. Try to keep in touch or somethin’.

To the rest - I hope to see you all again and improved ten fold! I liked playing everyone, despite the lack of practice and having worked graveyard the night before. It’s all good though. Mizerable, we’ll have to play next time. I’ll definitely have to get some more games with you, as well as with Purrin. It was great, another awesome successful tourney, render. I’ll cap those vids as soon as I can. Later! Woo, that was long.

Oh, haha, don’t even worry about that shit. I rarely ever eat during a tourney. Hunger takes a backseat to in-game strategies and adaptation in my mind. :rofl:

Shoutouts continued:

Nocturnal: Too bad we didn’t get to play this time around, but we’ll get a chance next time. Garou is sick! We gotta play that one of these days, when I learn how. :rofl:

Bakablitz: Good seeing you again, man. We didn’t get to play either! Next time though.

naw… i dont think that was my jacket… i was wearing a brown hoodie…

sup and ggs to everyone. met a lot of cool people… thnx for having us render. had a lot of fun. :tup:

edit: oh and… render… thnx for spelling “def1n1tely” right every time dude… haha… i swear ive seen at least a hundred ways to write my name wrong… definate1y… defn1tly… defintly… def1nat1y… etc…

Hey yo, Chico! I just gotta give props to Render for letting us abuse his place. Props to the people I played, and that guy max for getting top 4 from outta no where.

Shift, you will get better, don’t lose hope.

No props to Romel for letting me try his food at Chili’s before I ate my own, thereby ruining my meal before it started.

SIN CITY is hot.

omg you guys played smash without me. im unbeatable in that game. next tourney lets get lots of smash time in.

pssh, next time, I’m bringing NARUTO 3 as well, and school all yall =D

And vormav is GOD, cuz he actually organized all those freakisk techniques into a form I could actually swallow. My fox will be SWIFT, you just wait vormav! (especially since i can practice it… which is funny, since smash is probably the only game I have that I can ACTUALLY practice, unlike reload or naruto, of which I own neither).

Team RUN: You guys are incredibly good there is no denying that, It is real aweomse to play you guys. Wish ya woulda stuck around for more casuals. Watch out though were all gonna catch up soon =)

Max,Tuy,AYB, and…tritan: I know theres alot more of you guys that came! Make yourself an official crew name or something. Good matches with all of you I hope to see you all alot more. Thanks to the Dizzy player who showed me something new Im gonna practice.

SB Crew: You guys rock, great people all three of you. Render, Shift and TDO. I mean there are so many things I could say here but eh Im lazy. Thanks for all the cool casuals.

Def1n1tely: Millia locking me down in the corner man, I swear you let everyone win thier first round or match then you come stomping. Don’t know wht it is but just you wait I will figure out your lockdown! The time will come!

Purrin: Great matches man, with my super new techique I shall learn your dolphins will be void! Eh maybe anyway dude glad to play ya as much as I did Robo and all. Just remember Chipp owns Robo =)

Jo: Good Lunch, Great casuals Justice mirror match you covered it all. Johnny is crazy and you know how to fight a Dizzy, just wait though man Im learnin how to fight that Johnny. No free sodas for you.=)

Shiro/BLT/Mizerable: Nice playing you again dude wish you could of stayed longer. Dude I robbed you during our tournament match! Maybe we can casual sometime well eh seeing your so far away eh maybe we can still hang out who knows. Anyway Work on that Zappa it was looking scary.

Sir Phobos: Baiken…my god Ive never EVER seen a Baiken like that. I mean I KNEW Baiken was good but that was insane! Learn no one else perfect her dude cause you got your stuff down. It almost makes me wanna drop Dizzy!

Cotton Mouth: Instant Kills yo! No one pulls em off like you! We gotta get more matches in though man. Glad to see your pursuing GG and nice skill for only playin a few months.

Hattori Hanzo:Mays great nothing else to say man! continue to pursue her! You and Purrin are gonna scare me so bad next Tournmanet…I can only handle so many sea creatures.

Dr. Stormlocke: Teh Doctor! Dude that Beast of a ROBO was great. I look forward to seeing more of it. Next time were doing a mad amount of casuals you make me wanna pick up Robo-Ky which i never thought possible.

Nocturnal:We gotta get some more Casuals in here at Lancaster lets hang out sometime dude.

BakaBlitz: Hey hey dude, Good matches had alot of fun! Get practicing on that smash Im glad someone showed and interest and thanks for the compliment. Smash has mad depth people just don’t really know about it. Next time I will be in practice and show ya what real speed is. I was movin so slow.
Team RUM man

Pignutz:Good to see you in person man and good playing you in casuals, great hanging out with you and we gotta play more matches NOT on xbox live. So come out here and visit Jaime or something and come over to my place.

Peace out everyone great tournament. If I didn’t mention anyone its because I can’t place the name to the face! Look forward to seeing you all again!

Oh Kaymizzle! As for playing Smash I will definetly money match you in that game and show ya how unbeatable you are man! I look forward to it.

GG’s to everyone I played. I’m glad I finally got to meet a bunch of you in person, and without the horror of Xbox-live-lag slowing down our games. Obligatory thanks to Render for hosting.

Render: Fun set. We’ll play again for sure.

Shift: Awesome games, we had some mighty close ones.

ID: Wow man. That was epic, and alot of fun. Don’t know what else to say.

Phobos: Thanks for the airthrow rape.

Jo: I owe you 5 knee rockets. Mist Finer cancel, TK Ensenga? O_o

Noc: Nice venom man, fun to watch.

Purrin: Pink Robo > Dark Green Robo.

Pig: Eddie is broken. GG’s.

Def1n1tely: Robo mirror matches were fun. Awesome Millia of course. Let’s see some Bad Moon FRC’s eh? :tup:

TDO: Good games. “T_ Space!” I’d like to buy a vowel and solve the puzzle.

Vormav: I’ll need to play your Dizzy again. GG’s.

Again, it was alot of fun and I’ll see all of you later.

Dr. Stormlocke: GGs, man! Your Robo-Ky is really nice, I saw your close match with ID! Oh yeah, I <3 airthrows. :rofl:

oh hey guys, I forgot to mention… It would appear someone went home with my black PS2 controller. It has masking tape and electrical tape criss-crossed on the back. If you’ve got it, please let me know.