Thousand Oaks GGXX#R - 04/09/05 Results

First GG tourney I’ve ever been too… and tons of fun. Too bad we had to leave early and couldn’t stay after to play some more >.< Thanks to Render for being a good host i enjoyed the stay.

TDO: I know what you mean… Pot is indeed a hard match for Slayer, so work on that patience thing!
Shift: I don’t know what got over me but i think i was possessed those rounds. Hope to play you some more in the future, and keep pimping with Johnny!
Chaotic Blue: You’re scary man… I felt some kind of aura spreading out of you… and stop parrying my jump ins! Gotta mix it up next time =p
Def: I’m glad i actually got to play a few casuals with you, those discs owned me hard man…
Purrin: May goodness~ keep riding those dolphins!

Rest of the gang: hope to see you guys again next time I’ll keep practicing so that i can keep up! NorCal’s lacking GG players!!

me, devin, and david need to come up with a team name, hahaha.

…We could be team renmei! (j/k… been watching too much haibane, haha… … …huggles rakka and kuu <3)

Team Wasted? I like that one I think =P

and render, dude, check your PM’s!

hey what’s up guys, just wanted to say good games to everyone, it was a lot of fun. congrats once again to the RUN guys for doin what they do best. lol combofiend, don’t worry man, i’ll be back next time to take a shot at you =] dunno what happened to me this time, kinda psyched myself out i think. major props to mad Max though for being a Johnny slayer comin outta nowhere with that Jam! =D thanks for taking down render too to make me feel better haha. gj man. SoL you too, damn Potemkin owns me. so scary >_< next time you guys gotta stick around for casuals, i was lookin forward to playin you… i will have my revenge! =]

it was really good to see so many people come out, and a lot of new faces, good to know there’s still a lot of interest in the game. sorry i didn’t get to meet all of you, i was crashed out in render’s room gettin some sleep during most of the tourney. hope you all you guys (and girl =) make it out to the next one, whenever that may be. Jo, thanks for the compliments, but don’t worry man, just keep doin what you’re doin and you’ll be there in no time. we need to play more next time. Josh what’s up man, where’s the love? i need some more Millia practice =d next time fool! =] Stormlocke, good to meet you man, it’s great to finally see a Robo-Ky player. (Josh you don’t count, yet… haha) BBlitz, keep playin man, just don’t take it too seriously. only way to improve is to play play play. happy thoughts bro! Vormav, your Dizzy’s gettin vicious man, keep it up, you may have some competition for her again soon… =)

good games everyone, see you all at the next one.

oh and the reason team RUN always leaves early is cuz they know if we get too much practice against them we’ll figure out their shit and start takin em down :wink:

Good stuff everyone. Can’t wait till the next tourney to see you all again. Hopefully I’ll do alittle bit better next time :pleased:

I want to have a May as good as Purrin’s, then i’ll die a happy man. :karate:

Im gonna start my own team.
I think i will call it Team SCRUB. JK
No one else can be in Team SCRUB unless their as scrubby as me.
So anyone reading this doesnt qualify. Yeah it sux, i know you wanted to join the team.

Oh yeah i would have won the tourney if button mapping wasnt allowed…JK everyone there was real good at GG #R i learned alot from watching and playing against the people there.
Those Johnny combos look real hard to pull off, to much dashing, coin throws, mist finers. I think i’ll stay away from trying to learn johnny.

you must wear the momiji hat, promise?

forget money, ill bet my life instead. there was only one person i knoe that could beat me in that game. are you gonna be the second…

give em’ hell, vormav!

take all his money :tup:

oh, fuck, i keep missing this shit.

vormav, do you also live in the 805? hit me with a pm.

good job combo and cb prop id.
who R U N it =/?

hehe KayMizzle we gotta get together then. Smash was my tournament game,I assume since you say you were nearly unbeatable you know all about L canceling short hopping and Wavedashing?

Kaistar you live in Lancaster?

I swear to fucking god that Eric is a monster in Smash. He was going into all this detail for a fucking PARTY game. It was insane. You gamebreaking bastard. D: Vids for the first tape are done, btw. I just need TDO to send me his authoritah.

haha, some “party” game eh?

It’s bonafide fighting game as far as I’m concerned.


first volley of Vids are up, just waiting on Jo to upload the second VHS. But he just bought a new game, so who knows how long that’ll take.

How did Smash being a fighting game make it’s way onto this thread?

Hey TDO! I Heard that a Pote Smashed you? I understand I routinely smashes me(My Slayer) =/ I Still havent got the 5K 2S thing down yet.

Nice Vids thus far I havent gotten all of them as of yet though(As if TDO V Render is going to be BAD)

Sorry about my late post but here goes:

First off I want to thank Render for again hosting a Reload tourney at his pad. That is always a plus in my book…also thanks to your mother for putting up with us. It’s too bad we didn’t really play each other at all…to many other people to play and wait in live with ha.

Mr.Stormlocke - What can I say but awesome Robo Ky…really great stuff you were doing with him and I’ll be seeing you online more often to play on Live ha.

TDO - As always great Slayer man…I need to play more Slayers cause he’s too beastly for me to handle at times ha. I’ll make sure to up my game some more for some good matches next time around.

Shift - Dam Johnny beast ha…and those Venom vs Venom matches we had were fun. We need to do more casuals cause its always fun playing you. Next tourney I’m sure you’ll activate beast mode early ha.

Vormavprime - It seems like you’ve been practicing with Dizzy…I’m glad…it’s always good to see improvement from someone. I just hope that people feel the same way the next time I play them.

Def1n1tely - It’s another pleasure playing you once again…that Millia of yours is just beastly ha. Also Venom mirror matches again are fun ha…we need to play more of those more often.

Cotton Mouth - You are the Instant Kill master haha.

Purrin - Your May is a pain for me ha…dam Dolphins from hell…I’ll see what I can do about them next time around.

Jo - Dam Johnny of yours ha…didn’t get to play a lot of matches but still had some fun playing ya. My Johnny sucks even though you liked it ha…he used to be my main in XX.

Combofiend - Didn’t get to play you much in Reload at all with you…but GGs in 3S…some fun Yun and Hugo mirror matches.

Everyone else great games as always with everyone and hope that everyone gets better next Tourney as well. Take care guys and keep playing.


ugh, i caught a beatdown. I swear fuckin ID is unbeatable… by me. Peter seemed to do well though.

Chaotic Blue

p.s. TDO… Slim … Jim…

when it was originally created it was identified as a party game because more than two people were playing it, where a fighting game involes only two people usally. but they play 1v1 in tournaments i belive so i guess it is a fighting game now

4 people being a party.

i wish i could play west coast, i got owned by combofeind though. hopefully ill do better if i go to evo

Sorry for the late post. Lot of things been demanding my attention. Alright, lemme see if I remember everyone.

Jo: Great hanging with you man. Glad to hear I’ve imporoved. You’re Johnny is damn good, though. I had to be my very best when fighting you. But too bad you were tired. Graveyard shifts suxor.

Def1n1tley: Glad to hear I’m a beast now. I didn’t notice. In fact, I’ve been goofing off from GG for a while now. I still can’t top your Millia, though. I’ll get you one of thses days! Ha ha

Max: Jam is quite annoying to fight. Especially mirror matched. I was surprised that such a new face (to me, not sure if anyone else was familiar with you) was so good. Great going. You and your gang gotta come to the next tourney.

SB Crew: God, you guys are great. All of you are vicius fiends at the game. We need some more casuals next time.

Stormlocke: Damn dude, I saw the very end of your tourney match with ID. That was CLOSE. Too bad I didn’t get some casuals with you, next time we’ll have to for sure.

Everyone else I may have forgotten to mention, sorry. Lack of thinking is ensuing within my mind now. Great tourney to all. And just for the record, even me and Vormav are tied for the same place, I’m higher cause I was the one who kicked his ass out! Ha ha. No hard feelings Eric.

I look forward to seeing all you guys (and girl) again.