THQ Nabs Mystery Fighting Game

Any guesses???

'Za Keeng of Fightas?


But if they’re set to “reveal a new fighting game at E3” it couldn’t be KOF, as it has already been unveiled

Unless they mean “we’ll announce we’re publishing it”, if that’s the case then that’s some pretty unexciting news worded in a exciting manner

Technically they only announced a Japanese arcade release so far. Which quite frankly most of the world just does not give a fuck about.

I hope to god its Killer Instinct, but i doubt it

Wouldn’t that be published by Microsoft or whatever? I thought Rare rolled with them these days

yea, but here’s to hopin! :confused:

MK vs Def Jam!!! lmao i keed i keed

cant think of any fighting game that will make me say…

“oh they’re going with THQ, cool”

What about

Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.

Finally the Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown announcement we’ve all been waiting for!

Marvel vs Capcom 3. Henaki confirmed it so it must be true.

WWE vs. UFC : Ultimate Cage Match

Primal rage 2 : The return of vertigo


MahJawn’s 2D Kakuto Chojin sequel.

I’m betting $400 billion on it.

Well, not really.

melee => weapons

I’m going to hope for a new Bushido Blade.

I remember awhile back there was a news release about THQ acquiring a certain fighting game license. This is probably it but I can’t remember what it was exactly. If you just search some gaming news about THQ you might be able to find it.

Interesting tidbit: THQ just happens to already own the license to develop games based off the Marvel Super Hero Squad line.

The real question is what can we confirm about a fighting game made by THQ?

  • It won’t be a major fighting game franchise
  • It probably won’t be a heavy japanese game, so I’d cross out any anime or manga fighters
  • It won’t have circle motions or charge moves
  • It won’t be very complicated, mechanics wise

When you factor those points in, I can’t think of anything.

Lmao if henaki was up to something I’ll laugh my ass off