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Hella info, good stuff.

the char specific stuff is missing some stuff but i hope its growing slowly.

i have no idea about any pro player and who they play so when you guys can provide a list of names for some of the chars
with a possible youtube channel or stream just post that shit so that i can add it.
i think that would be a nice resource too to study his char.


Knee is like the paul player.
Rip probably isn’t the best Law but he’s the only one I know

That’s all I know off top of my head.

Plenty of good info here.

Also worth adding

Aris Tekken 7 tutorials playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMCyLSAjLlQ0YEDmZ-Esbnzd4gcstVOC5

TheMainManSWE channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyecBV1o622OQDktJUJuVWQ
Bamco hire him to do Tekken 7 guides that are still not release. He also has plenty of TT2 and T6 guides that you can check them out.

King Jae tutorials and help guides playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSCxY9aJNnYohfANVI4hSPT00AZsP7wOu
Most of his guides are more towards players who are new to fighting games, teach a lot about fundamentals, but he also has one for players coming from street fighter to.

King Jae character guides https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSCxY9aJNnYp-UIPRHp9epAMR0zFBHyN4
Good guide to get a hand on how a character plays.

Knee plays Paul?
I thought Knee was most famous for his Bryan and popularizing the Taunt Jet Uppercut.
I think he plays Devil Jin nowadays.

I’ll check that out though. I don’t know any top level Pauls and the American Pauls don’t really interest me that much.

thx, implemented that stuff into the startpost. :coffee:

KingJae’s guides are hella trash, tbh.
You’re better off watching Aris videos and researching shit for your character by yourself.
Those videos he does are the laziest slapped together piles of garbage ever, yet they get a ton of views.

I collect all the infos i get which are kinda helpfull. Later on i might filter stuff out.
at the end its up to each person to choose which videos he will watch but it cant hurt to offer several resources

Not shitting on your work compiling these.
Just saying that his videos are low tier xD

I only saw the street fighter to tekken 7 and though it was just ok. Must of the stuff I already knew it though. I though because it had a lot of views the other ones were decent. I guess they are not that good them.

I’m waiting to see what TMMS will do with the guides bamco ask him to do.

Because he is British. And the whole island watching him. His wavedashing tutorial was ugh. Not helpful


hmm, seems i have to watch some of his stuff completely to see if its really so bad or not. :pensive:

what do you mean?

To my knowledge, Knee plays almost every character at a top level. He’s got a very handy channel here where he uploads pretty much daily, where he plays a huge portion of the cast.

Rushcash and AK are very good Paul players too, they’re worth a look.

Yeah I already checked out a lot his archives. His Paul (or any character he plays) is hella sick. Don’t know if it’s worth trying to imitate his gameplay though, since I don’t understand why he’s doing what he’s doing at any given time.
If I try to block high 90% of the match, all those Lucky Chloe and Eddy players gonna walk the fuck over me.

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Written guide for "Practice Mode: Back dash cancel and whiff punish with practical examples for defensive training"

High level overview of Miguel by KongoJack:

Reddit thread for that video, not much posted there though:

Tekken Zaibatsu still exists, but it’s character specific sections vary a lot in quality and quantity.

List of top 15 moves for the entire cast.

Take that list with a grain of salt (there was no “quality control”, so some suggestions may be off. Signed, someone who contributed =p), but it gives a nice introduction to what tools that make up the core gameplan for most characters, and gives ideas about what moves you could experiment with if you’re unsure how to improve.

Yeah, not a single mention of Paul 12 frame tracking whiff and block punish.
But hell what isn’t mentioned in the list you’ll figure out through trial and error.

i know of the list but the reason why i did not put it up so far is because i dont want people to limit themself by just sticking to it
and potentially missing out other stuff…i will give it a deeper look tomorrow.