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You could also use a modded xbox with fba

FHD is an old fave of mine, but regrettably, I don’t yet have it in my NEO-GEO MVS or AES collections. I’m one of the Las Vegas locals that brought the big homebrew black & blue cabs that were running MVS setups at the back of the BYOC area. On Saturday, several attendees asked us if we had FHD (perhaps you were one of them?) – I will definitely be adding this game to my collection in the next 12 months, so we’ll have it with us at EVO’09 for certain.:wgrin:


If I knew you didn’t have it I would have brought a copy.

Dash no Chris, thanks for having such a cool home brew setup, I asked you as well and was a little sad, hahahaha. I was FIENDING to play FHD the whole time vs you laugh! Anyone who didn’t get to play FHD vs me, consider themselves lucky…