Thread per matchup

I’m new here so I don’t want to start spamming shit out, but in the Sim forum, they have a thread for every match up vs Sim. I feel like that’s more organized than one thread for all match ups and can easily find information pertaining a character. Anyone against / for this?

depends, unless someone is going to continuously keep the OP of a matchup thread up to date then there should be multiple threads.

I personally like one thread since its cleaner, but it doesn’t matter to me really

I think its better too.

Its impossible to find the information for a specific match up on a single thread.

@jchensor please can you give us individual character threads? I dont mind taking ownership of these and will compile information.

I second the motion for individual match-up threads.

Anyone else?

Pipe up guys. James is only going to allow it if we have some level of agreement between us.

I’m game if they archive/scrub half the topics on the page. It’s already cluttered.

That actual amount of match up discussion has been disappointing. We have only really discussed parts of a handful of characters. Hoping the threads will start spurring on conversation as its more clearly laid out.

Make Indie Threads, and we can make progress. If it’s not organized, it’s not really useful.

Sounds like a good idea, especially if we expect more posts in the future. Otherwise, all the information for a particular match-up is just going to be spread across a ton of pages.

Cool guys. Will contact James after this weekend. I don’t think anything is happening admin wise with James for the next 48 hours lol

Ok what if I just go through and compile the info already in the single thread into multiple threads?? Like, do we just need volunteers to keep the OPs updated? I’d definitely be up for running a few at least. Otherwise I don’t see the hold up. I just need the go and I’ll do it like tonight.

has there been any update/news on this? i think this is a wonderful idea.