Thread size of Sanwa balltop?


Im asking because i got a few acrylic 35mm balls i want to mod for a ball top :lol:

thanks in advanced


6mm I believe.


awesome, i will test that thanks alot!


a friend of mine discovered the 35mm sanwa and seimitsu ball tops will fit on an old NES advantage.


thank funny, i havent pulled that controller out of the closet for years!


good luck with that

might wanna pm Numbski with any questions… although he doesnt seem to like to respond.

hes been doing this for awhile now and from what I understand… it not an easy task


i dont see whats so hard about it, just set it up on a lathe drill out a 5.5mm hole tap and done? i could go with an insert but it doesnt need to be that strong right??


Could the acrylic wear away from constant play eventually? Like the shaft will just grind against the ball untill it comes loose and drops off perhaps?


i mean the only possible problem i can for see is the possibility of the area around the threads cracking on the ball. If that is the case i will see if i can get polycarbonate which is stronger but less scratch resistant then acrylic.

the shaft cant possible grind against the ball. the shaft free spins with little effort so the ball and shaft will move as one eliminated any wear between the two. its possible if the ball was not securely placed on the top, but a little bit of loctite will fix that.