Threads of Fate - The Golden Thread

Hey everyone,

Long time creeper, first time poster (at least in this section). I just wanted to show you all the site for my new novel Threads of Fate: The Golden Thread. I’ll be rolling out the first story arc as a sort of trailer/teaser slowly over the next few weeks. If you like what you see there, please like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter (if you have accounts). Your support would mean the world to me!

I also have some heavy hitter artists lined up doing some artwork for upcoming chapters (many of which are from the game industry. Anyone like Mass Effect? I have one of the lead character artists working with me!), so keep an eye out for that.

I hope you enjoy it. = )

I was excited and thought it had something to do with this:

Aha sorry buddy. I only share the name. I hope my concept can still drum up some excitement in you though!

Chapter 2 is now up!

Chapter 3 is now up!

Chapter 4 is up with a beautiful piece by Yukiko Otsu (the same artist who was responsible for the Street Fighter IV Limited Edition PS3 in-box art).

Chapter 5 and 6 are up!