Three dots

Very clever kugler. You almost had it, but there were three dots in the puzzle.

I guess Kugler isn’t crazy after all!

Whoo, finally!

Regional qualifiers = awesome idea. I salute you, sirs. Now just be sure to have games I play (ahem ST) in the lineup…

Very awesome!! I cant wait.

regionals in LA and NY…but not TX :frowning: oh well, might hit up LA for a qualifier.

Weeee, qualifiers in NY!

I’m there, time to step my game up!


I quote right here for you guys why ST should not be in the lineup.

“2: EVO becomes 3 tournaments; 2 qualifiers, and a major in Las Vegas. This would make more sense, because the smaller dots are completely apart from one another, representing distance between the middle location, which is larger. I remember Inkblot saying 'big big things, people” regarding EVO this year… it would make sense, to say the least. But I don’t think it would be something so simple? I still highly suspect that this graphic as no literal meaning to what I"m finding in it, but rather…"

I hit it on the dot. >_>

But I appreciate the props, Inkblot. :D! This year’s EVO is gonna be hot~

ST shouldn’t be in the lineup because I play it? Huh? Do you hate me or something, what did I ever do to you? I’m sure there are a buttload of OG players who might be pissed about no ST besides me…

Anyway I already created an EVO suggestions thread where I said I think AE should be the “OG” game of choice for the EVO series, and then let Cigarbob run “cabinet ST” at Vegas world championships. It just makes sense, no hassle about console ST versions and everyone is happy.

So that means if I’m on the west coast and want to go be in the tourny + seeing the Japanese play and maybe the finals, I have to go to 2 places now?

Hopefully most of the Japanese will play at West Coast first.

damn…time to start practicing

Im sure the big tourney will still be the World Championships, I doubt the international travelers will go to the qualifiers seeing as how they’re a month+ apart.

Imo this is a great move by SRK, first of all getting a sponsor, especially one as big as Toyota, is a great thing all around. 2nd having regional tournaments is a great idea as well, really looking forward to evo this year.

entrance theme plz =p

I wrote in more detail on DSP’s thread. Anyway, huge congrats to he toyota partnership (highly beneficial to both ends) and pay attentin to the term qualifiers for the regional tourneys (make it very loud and clear that you can go directly to Vegas if you want).

Evo is getting pretty nice.

Seconded!!! :rock: :rock: