THREE New Darkside Stikz!

Here’s some my latest.

“Street Fighter Mini” - My ultra compact design. The joystick is a sanwa JLF w/mini balltop & square gate but I can swap it for an octagon+regular size balltop if preferred & the buttons are 24mm sanwas. SOLD

“Bebop” - I themed this one around the “Cowboy Bebop” anime and it also happens to be a HimuraGames Exclusive Stik so if anyone is interested in this one then you’ll have to send your inquiries to Rod at himuragames. The joystick is a sanwa JLF and the buttons are very high quality sanwa ‘RG’ pushbuttons which are very responsive and even more durable. Comparitively, Sanwa sells these for close to 3 times the price of its standard buttons because of the heavy duty microswitches.

“TriForce” - Another all sanwa stik in one of my compact designs. Themed around a good & evil cast from 3 different fighting series meshed into a unifying design. It has a JLF joystick w/octagon gate and all sanwa buttons.

Well…that’s it for now, but more will surely follow, plus I’ve got several new case designs so hopefully in the near future I’ll be posting those as well.

uh oh the case design is getting funky already! that dipped slant on the front corners is bad! damn it, i love the way everyone keeps outdoing the last stick to look good in this forum. great stuff darkside!

Nothing short of amazing, keep it up.

Very clean. Typical of your great work. :slight_smile:

The chamfer on the SF stick?

Man Darkside, you really are something else. Every time I see one of your joysticks I always have to do a double take, just to get ideas and whatnot.

Keep up the good work man. Those sticks are masterpieces.

That SFMini is top-notch, man. Shit, that looks fantastic!

The others… Well, I’m not really down with the box design anymore. But the art is quite nice, none the less.

Darkside’s sticks give me little heart attacks from how sweet they are.

Pass the aspirin…


Did you finally run out of Flash sticks?!

The Mini SF looks amazing. I love it when you do non-lipped case designs.

That SF stick is gorgeous, I dont know how you do it, And how in gods name do you get your paint finish to look so good?

Lots of work. :smiley:

Darkside - lovin your artworks man :tup:

Very nice! Some insidepics would also be cool.
3 thumbs up!

how much for the street fighter mini?

I like the first one :tup:
Where do you get all those ‘ninja/samurai’ background pics ? ?

i like the new design for last 2, it’s not quite as mini as the first one but it has that slant arm rest for an arcade feel when it’s on a flat surface or your lap. of course the mini is sexy too very portable.

I love the box design of the SF one. Doesn’t even look like wood… just incredible.

If you guys have a chance and the cash, definitely shell out for a Darkside stick - I can’t say it enough that the custom stick I own from him is simply the best stick I’ve ever played on, not to mention the highest quality build I’ve ever seen. It’s worth every cent to get one of his sticks… the man does quality work that is unmatched.

Glad you received & are pleased with that stik Ducky, I really liked that one alot and I’m sure it’ll serve you well in the future. About the paint finish, as someone replied, it really does take excess work to get them like that. I don’t like to do any rushed jobs so the whole process of sanding and painting my cases usually takes time because of the multiple coats and resanding, not to mention the protective finish I’ll apply afterward. It’s hard to tell from the pik but the bebop stik actually has a unique texture to it, sort of a scaley look thats subtle but it looks really cool up close. Every now and then I’ll use different finishes/textures but it’s really hard to show the full effect on the images since I have to resize them for my site. As for the ‘ninja/samurai’ background piks on some of the stiks, that’s just photoshoping, most of the images I use would never look like they would go together until after I’m finished with them. I just visualize the finished look before I begin, it’s mainly a habit that I’ve picked up through oil painting but it works really well in designing stiks sometimes.

what’s the price for either of the stix? I am interested in plopping over a bill down but not over 200.

I pm’d him and the first stick is going for 300 smackers? Out of the range for me in terms of $ on a stick, but it seems well worth it