"three oh five" Street Fighter 4 Tournament May 3rd- MIAMI,FL

**Where: **

The Pool Depot ( in the same plaza with Flanigan’s)

1550 W 84th Street

Hialeah, Fl 33014


Sunday- 5/3/09

Registration opens at 3:00pm - Either call 786-436-7273 or show up the day of.

Tournament starts At **5:00pm

Hey guys, its going to be a singles Street Fighter 4 tournament on the xbox 360.
Its going to be a 10$ fee to enter the tournament but it will all go towards the pot.We won’t charge any door fee for this tournament.It may be a boring Sunday afternoon so spice that shit up with some SF4 .Don’t worry about food and water because we will cover that for the participants.Just bring your “A” game because we might record the crucial matches. Hope to see you there…:karate:

-Winners and Losers Bracket
-Double Elimination
-Best 2/3
-Bring your own control
-All characters are welcome


  • 1st place 70%
  • 2nd place 20%
  • 3rd place 10%

oh and post up if your coming.

this is close to my buddy dom in h town, so i(we) may show.

Count me in.
Plus a friend

Now this is what I’m talking about money goes into the pot. Anyways: I might show up. Not sure yet

I could walk to this shit. Im there. =) +4 Probably.

Bring your A game ppl

Finally a SF4 event in H-Town I’ve been waiting for this that money is mine there is no body that can beat me and my goons who ever is comeing don’t cry after I beat you it’s just am raw like that damn free food that’s wats up best belive am comeing…THAT MONEY IS ALREADY IN MY POCKET!!!

Yea we got ourselves a match in da 305,you can count me and my homeboys in dat shit,plus free food damn now u kno i aint gunna eat shit till get there ima be munching on dat food !! I’ll see ya’ll der !!

^^^ lol…Sounds good to me.I’m there and probably with a bud.

…o shit we have a neighborhood legend.:sweat:

But yea money could be yours if I’m not going.

Good to see you guys are starting a rivalry.I’ll have the hdtvs set up by 3pm, so you fellas are more than welcome to duke it out before the tourney begins.

Edit: Changed registration to 3pm

Count me in with my boy simplyph33r…oh maybe ill bring tony.

Got some heads coming with me too.

I don’t play on 360 but i might come just to try.

count me in, e. honda > all

yo im down for this sakura > all

Good games to everyone. Posting results?

Yea I would love to see who won this without my attendance :LOL:

I know simplyph33r Won, and Chrish(CheapoCrespo) second.

sorry i sayed id come, but didnt show.

had no ride at the last minute.

just stayed home and lost a shitton of battle points