"three oh five" Tournament Results

Thank you for all who provided some equipment and of course to those who attended.It was not the biggest tourney but we still had some nasty sf4 players.

18 participants

1: Simplyph33r (Ryu)
2: Chris Crespo (ElFuerte)
3: Evelio Feito (Balrog)
4: Junior (Rufus)
5: Servio (Ken)
5: Andrew
7: St012m (Guile)
7: Lexy (Ryu)
9: Jonathan L (Guile)
9: Angel S
9: Manuel M
9: Ricky O
13: Chayanne V
13: Albert
13: Loosefingaz ( EHonda)
13: Sarcastic J (Gief)
17: Hurricane Kris (Gief)
17: winner (Bison)

Thanks again to all who came through and hope to see you soon.Oh and im working on the vids.