Thrill Kill

Has anyone heard of this game? I have a Tips & Tricks magazine from 1998 with screenshots of the game, and combos and how to perform specials for the characters. But the game was never actually released like it was supposed to. It was supposed to be a PS game, but it was canceled after completion because of the excessive violence that topped even Mortal Kombat.

I heard, though, that the game was actually released online for the PC or as an Emulation of some sort. But I haven’t been able to find it. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Also, for those of you who have actually had the chance to play it, how do you like it? What do you think of it? Do you want to see a number 2 or a remake in the future for the next(current)-generation of consoles?

ok I’m quoting 'cause I’m lazy…


oh yes.

sorry I cant, and was unaware it had been on PC or something, emulated is not surprising though


I palyed it on a PSone, a friend must have got it from internet…
or maybe because he was working in video games, some of his co-workers had found it one way or another…
I didn’t like it, no… but it was so shabby that somehow it was fun… for an evening or something.
You’ve not missed much, and you should continue on your way without thinking of it any longer.
oh and btw, I don’t ever want to hear about a numer 2 :wgrin:

You can get the ISO and play an emulated version if you wish.

This is a party fighter in the strictest sense of the term. It’s good for a few shits and giggles but beyond that it’s nothing special. It’s a lot of fun, though. Not gonna lie. I just wish there was a way to play it four player save modded PSX with multitap. Wacky assed character design and mindless ultraviolence! What fun ISN’T there to be had?

I did like the idea of the reverse lifebar to promote aggressive behavior. Running away won’t let you win.

9 minutes worth of fatalities.

Thanks for the video link. But I couldn’t getpast the 2:21 mark. I guess that since I haven’t looked at the magazine since early 2000, the last time I did, there wasn’t a PS2, Xbox or PS3 to make the graphics look horrid. But they look that way, and I couldn’t stand it.

Thanks for the info too. I guess, maybe the game will fare well as a remake on a vastly superior system. Heck, even on the Dreamcast it probably would have looked better than on that video.

Thanks though.

The combos in the corner are insane. The fucking Yeti can kill you in 6 hits.

the ps1 wu tang game was built on the engine for this game

the ps1 version is definitely out there, i remember the guy i bought my copied games from back in the day had it. i guess it leaked

You bought copied games? Shame on you! =]

Although, he was the one doing the illegal part of the transaction. I’d rather pay extra for the real thing, to be honest.

yeah, it was a great game for its time…

and yeah, i bought burnt copies of this game. good, clean fun!

It was leaked by one of the developers of the game.

I played a pirated version (don’t blame me, it was never actually released as far as I know) of the game that was COMPLETE but without any of the endings. Either way this game was gory as hell, just lovely! Too bad it never received the critical acclaim it so rightly deserves, let alone the next gen sequel it so desperately needs. The character designs and actual gameplay was so good and fun, geniunely entertaining.

I played this game once, I think. It sucked. OMG ITS SO GORY LOOLOLOLLOLOOLOOLOLOLOLO
Fucking go back to Gaia if that’s all you want in a fighting game.

Says the guy with Ichi in his ava. :wink:

But Belladonna the Southern Dominatrix/French maid was so MUCH. FUN!!! :lovin:

Eh. I guess if that’s your idea of fun, then to each their own.

Hater, man I was young as hell when I played this and it was way gory but hella fun to it was during the mk, primal rage times I see no reason to act like 3rd grader just cause you didn’t like it THE ONE TIME YOU PLAYED it sorry it’s not candy land.

Umm, no…it’s just a shitty game that got by on violence alone and had no real upsides other than that.

Like you said “I played this game once, I think” so how would you know if this game is good or bad you wouldn’t, and this game didn’t get by on violence smart guy violence is why it never came out so its not even the final polished version that people are playing and from someone who played it more than once I can say this game was fun and it seems people agree that actually played the game more than once I think.

I can see why people would enjoy it, what with the four-player action that, at the time, was pretty crazy. I just couldn’t stand it. Probably because of the time that I played it…it wasn’t that long ago.

Lots of people enjoyed the MK’s despite the fact that they were shitty fighting games. I think I can safely assume there isn’t much to enjoy in these besides playing your friends. Didn’t the characters sodomize eachother?

The fighting engine itself is stiff and shitty like the Wu-Tang game, but it did have gore and sexual innuendo by the bucketload if that’s your thing. It’s easily found in ISO form online.