I’m looking to see if enough people here want to form a clan for Killzone 2, the exclusive Ebgamestop demo hits February 5th, with the game coming out for North America and the UK for the 27th, and the rest of Europe on the 25th for the same month.

Oh right, and this demo iirc is just for single player, and would be the Corinth River section.

Dat THRILLZONE 2 needs dat sticky.


so does the demo have online play or what? should i preorder the game for the demo?

Gonna camp and shoot some motherfuckers

Dunno about the demo, we’ll find out when that comes out, from what I read the demo is SP right now, but there is a possibility that there is also MP, or just one or the other.

Again we won’t know until it’s out.

C’mon SRK this going to be the FPS!



i’ll be getting the demo. but sadly not buying the game. not to burst your bubble or anything. but won’t everyone here be playing SF IV ?

Man, I love KZ2 hype. I’ve pretty much been following this game since 05, and I still don’t even have a PS3! If I do get one by Feb though, this will be my first purchase no question. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY COLLECTOR’S EDITION?!


You know people can play more than one game. :coffee:

Fuck that, play both!

I am getting the game.

I’m just going to assume people in this thread will be in the SRK Clan.


I’d get in on the GAF clan but I can’t register with a free email account lol. Too lazy to log into my ISP one.

I’m hyped!

OZ spam: Those gifs are FIRE.

I’ll be all over this I might be playing it more then sf4 if it’s as good as the hype and by hype I mean being the best damn mp shooter ever dethroning ut04/ut3, gow2, cod4, q3, n tf2 which I honestly think it may:rock:

I don’t really care for them, but they play in huge numbers and actually play games as a clan. =/


I’ll probably play the beta and buy the game. I don’t know how much time SFIV will take away from it but you can be sure I’ll play this a lot as well.

I got the promo code for the demo today but it’s not valid until Feb 5th so I’m rather annoyed at the moment.

I’m willing to join the SRK clan provided we work as a team.

Haha yeah, I might have to join some… Gamefaqs clan just for the sake of being in the numbers game haha.

Apparently you can gameshare the demo like most PSN games. It says so on the back of the card, so it must be true!

What I’m doing is just making a new account and then sharing the demo with other people (sorry guys, already have it reserved for two coworkers and two other friends of mine).

You guys with the demo code should do it too, it’s great to get it out.

I want an av like that:sad:

Anyways can’t wait til the 3rd the wait is killin me. When yall get the srk clan started let me know whats good.

i’m down to be in the srk clan!.. cant wait till the 27th