Throw blanka during his super

Yesterday I accidentally threw blanka while he was doing his super. I used ken. He was in the middle of his super rolling at me when I accidentally pressed forward + strong punch and threw him. He was right in middle of super. Not beginning or end of motion. It was really weird. Anyone seen this glitch before? There are so many bugs. It almost seems to me that anyone that can exploit the bugs in this game will win.

Not a bug. Im pretty sure you can always do this its just really impractical and not worth it

Not a bug, throws have pretty high priority in this game. I swear I’ve been SPD’ed out of a fullscreen fierce Honda headbutt once.

But yeah, not very practical.

Cigar Bob has thrown me out of it many times with Gief.

If you see Blanka do his Super, Running Grab with Zangief is guaranteed. It’s awesome. They charge right at each other and Gief wins.

  • James

This has created many a WTF moment with me playing against Blanka online. Makes people mad

I think the biggest rage quit I ever got was Bear grabbing a guys super one round, and round two when I have basically zero live the guy tries to Meaty electricity and I wakeup Reversal into FAB.

Blanka easilly has the worst super in the game. It has situations where it is very useful, but its invulnerability is way to short and a well timed trhow wins every time.

Vega’s super grabs supers (grabbing guile’s looks funny) also, and Blanka’s electricity.

I never realized this! As a Zangief main this seems super useful :slight_smile: