Throw + Buster combo?

So I admittedly was playing in K-groove rage mode Friday after some badness went down and therefore not paying the most attention, but twice I managed to pull off a two-hit throw+buster combo. I believe this was a Fierce throw where a buster came out too - I believe the attempt was jab jab fierce, but it was just something weird that I’d never seen before. I wrote it off as a random fluke until I pulled it off again later. The animation looked like the throw came out and THEN the buster came out as the opponent was being thrown. Looked crazy to me.

I’ll try for this again next time I play, but – does anybody know what I’m talking about/what we saw here?

Was this done mid screen or in the corner?


did the buster combo?

Sounds like it did to me.

Wow. I didn’t know that Mega actually had a practical infinite set-up.