Throw Defense

I get thrown ALOT online as Guile

I hold down / back alot when playing Guile. Do I need to press forward + throw to prevent being thrown?

Or can I still hold down / back + throw command to prevent the throw? Can I just keep spamming the throw command if I know I’m about to be thrown?

I suffer from throws alot with ryu and ken when their doing cross-ups. They cross-up and cross-up until I get thrown. Or they just simply jump in with a high-kick and then throw.


teching throws online is a problem full stop. even if you guess their throw…if the connection is not good enough it probably won’t tech. that’s what i have found from my experiences.

the one they usually do is cross up with mk into cr.lp then go for a throw. i know the exact feeling you have lol. i read it almost every time yet i have huge problems teching it. i suggest that you should focus backdash the crossup mk if they start spamming the same pattern over and over. if you try this on a low bar connection you may have problems though.

i’ve also found out that trying to do one of guiles links properly is pretty much impossible on anything lower than 3 bars. (, cr.lp, cr.lp, sb)
the mp almost always gets reversal srk’d if it’s laggy…or you end up getting a boom instead of cr,mp if you do it too quick.

the best advice i have for anyone with either problems…if you want to play a serious match, play 4-5 bar matches. if you want to have some fun, play any connection above 2 bars and up…but it wont be AT ALL accurate.

trying tapping light kick and light punch simultaneously while holding down back. It’ll tech if they go for a throw, if not you’ll catch them with a light kick. You can land a combo from there. is my fave…

What has worked for me is I neutral jump and do an air grab, only problem is once they start predicting it they will counter you

I usually look for the throw attempt if the jump in is fairly deep, or if it is a cross up. if it is not, you have a slight window to use a C LP or C LK to interupt them.

Back dashing or jumping away are some other options too.

There is no right answer, other than just playing on instinct and always expect opponents to throw you if you are near them

Edma is a big proponent of “late teching” which I’m assuming is visually confirming the throw and teching it as late as possible. To be honest, I half anticipate and tech throws with a single input and half just mash throw while holding db when I think it’s coming.

i don’t want to answer for the original poster…but i am sure he’s talking about online. offline i can tech throws fine. online seems to be a lot harder…and there are certain times where i have been mashing tech throw buttons against a ryu and he’s STILL been able to throw me.

due to the nature of online play teching throws can be semi-random if you do it late. I tech noticeably more when playing with friends on lan or green connections than i do with 3bars or less


I hate the Shoto cross up throw. I deal with it either by the neutral jump method or the FADC back/forward (if it’s a cross up you can read, go forward, otherwise you won’t accomplish anything by going back other than running into their arms.

I’m finding that holding back instead of down back while tapping light kick and light punch simultaneously is alot more reliable in teching throws.

A throw seems to have higher priority than a cr. jab / light kick, so I still get thrown even when my cr. light kick animation starts (by holding down back and tapping light kick and light punch)

However, by holding back…instead of down / back…it’s throw versus throw, so there’s a higher chance of stopping the throw.

Anyone experience something similar?

Lot of misconceptions in this thread. Here is what ed ma means by “late tech”:

I agree with Wikum. Online tech throws are much harder… It’s annoying as hell because people take advantage of it. I hate throws in this game…

Ironically, if I play my constant (or about constant) 4ish bars, I can actually tech throws BETTER online than offline. This might be the sign that I’m an online scrub. lol

Though, the other day, my friend came over and I was able to tech throws relatively well too.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but some of the cast seems to have different start ups for their throws. I can see the frame when the shotos come in for the throw, but when it’s like dictators I’m like “what frame should I be looking for?” The guy just looks like he comes in and immediately throws you. -_-

Normal throws all have 3 frames of startup, the differences in the cast are in their throw range, but dictator has the standard range anyway.

Yes, I also always experience this.

If i try and option select or tech while holding db, I almost always get thrown. On the other hand, if I’m holding db then go to just holding back and try to tech, I tech 99% of the time. People say all the time that you can 100% tech throws while in db, but I personally have never been able to get that to work.

It also could be that my main competition among my friends are Cammy, Gouken and Sim and they have pretty great throws. Or I’m just hitting the tech too fast and by moving my stick to just back that adjusts for the time it takes to normally tech a throw.