Throw Evasion

I just read the article on finest KO, makes sense. Just wondering does any one use this tactic?

Link to article:

The closest Ive seen to this was a p-grover tapping forward twice to either parry an attack or hop forward if the opponent attempts to throw. (it worked well)

Maybe if you can do it with blankas RC elec and make it unthrowable vs wakeup, but that’s about all i can think of.

it’s been tried, doesn’t work. The whole “adding an up motion to make something unthrowable” thing has actually been known at least as long as the cvs2 book has been out. It’s explained in along with Dan’s CC glitch. (shameless plug, dan’s CC glitch is explained in detail in my systems guide)

To do that, you’d need to cancel the jump with a roll, then cancel the roll with a special move. Two things wrong with that – you can’t cancel the jump with a roll, and even if you could, the second you did you’d be on the ground again (making you throwable). You could only set that situation up with N-Groove in the first place, and no one that I’ve ever seen uses N-Blanka anyway (though they should).

The only situation where I can get this to work consistently for myself is against the local S-Groove guy at FFA and his S-Zangief. The second his life hits red, I know he’s going to do wakeup 720s. I just spin the stick with my Kyo and hit him out of him with my rekkas. I remember the first time I did it to him, he had no clue what happened, and he got a laugh out of it. I would say I’m 75% proficient in doing it in that particular instance.

I’ve never even tried to do this outside of casual play, nor do I intend to. The risk is too high and the window of opportunity too small for a throw I can just small jump out of and land, then hit a big combo.