Throw frame data

I don’t really understand throwing. Somewhere I found that its startup is 3 frames? So why can’t I punish Ibuki slide with a throw when its -14 on block? Why can she always tech it? How much frame advantage do I need to have to punish with a throw?(yeah I know that its actually a bad punish option)
So I just want to know the frame data for throwing…

The short version is there’s just times during hit stun, block stun, and even recovery where the way boxes line up makes someone basically throw invincible. Punish with combo-starters.

I know how to punish, just feel like I want to understand the frame data behind throwing. Maybe I want to put my opponent in a safe jump setup instead?

The issue is probably meaty attacks. Unless you block the first active frame of an attack, your frame advantage won’t be the 14 you mentioned. Many of the game’s horizontal moves (slides, specials like spiral arrow, etc.) have many active frames and can be safe if spaced properly.

Ok let me put this in a more simple way. Two characters are walking up to each other, one of them tries to grab the other, how many frames does the other have to tech the grab? Is that question too weird?

I think you usually have 7 frames to crouch tech a throw. However, if you are standing and tech too early (before you get thrown), then your throw will come out and either the two throws
will cancel or your opponent will tech your throw (which is usually the same thing). So in that sense the window is almost 20 frames to get a tech because you can press throw from about 9
frames before your opponent presses throw to about 9 frames after and the result will still be a tech.

However, if your opponent has a longer throw range or walks in slightly, then your throw can whiff and the result won’t be a tech but your opponent throwing you during your throw’s recovery. Also certain throws like Gouken’s backthrow are easier to tech I think.

tldr: 7 frames

Thank you.