Throw mind game

What is/are some of your throw mind game?

Any inputs are welcome.

Thanks a bunch in advance!


um throw or dont throw, depending on what you think they are gonna do??

if you’re talking about throw setups and mixups, that’s kind of different, in which case with urien its mostly headbutt wiffs, ticks and c.LP/c.LK wiffs, throw on wakeup, or tackle xx reflector dash throw, mostly.

Oro can punish characters with slow wiff animations by dashing out and back in, it works after an air attack so they can’t grab you as soon as you hit the ground, I love using this against Hugo. Against people with faster wiff animations he can jump directly above them and do air stop.

By jumping straight up and landing in front of the other player you can mix up with air stomp which will turn into your regular chicken combo, or when they start to get used to that you just land and throw them as soon as you hit the ground.

So basically he has a few ways to punish wiffed throws but not many ways to actually get in and do good damage with his own throw.

Few simple ways to get a grab…one is jump up before they wake up come down grab. Or dash back then forward when their getting up grab

throw, or meaty, or down parry.

I remember back in da dayze throws were considered cheap hahaha…

:rofl: same I remember people use to get heated because of constant throws. Some people still get upset.

I use throws as set-ups, and I prolong the actual offense (any attack except throw) for as long as I feel like.

When I need to make a comeback, I usually feel it’s safer to go for a couple of throws before an offense, such as Ken’s close standing MP, HP, SA3. So I move more agressively on their wake-up, try to retain some of my guard by tapping first down, then forward, and go for a throw if I’m still standing. Sitting (near?) outside throw range, observing the opponent’s wake-up, and throw/ punish/ assault if he’s blocking, is probably a more solid strategy.

Greatest Makoto setup in the world- on their wakeup, whiff throw, SA2.